Christmas Present Ideas for Friends


We’re well into December now and I imagine most of you planning and buying Christmas presents for people you care about. Unless you’re like me and already finished your Christmas shopping in November. (I get way too excited about buying presents)
But if you’re just planning what to get for your friends, I hope this post will help you with some ideas.
I’m one of those people who put a lot of thought and time into Christmas presents and I love to see the look on the persons face after they opened what I got them. Sometimes I plan the presents for months because I’ll listen if they talk about something a lot and if I have the funds, be sure I will get it for them. I’m not going to talk more about what I do every year because I doubt you’re interested in that. Instead, let me suggest some things you could get your friends (or your parents or anyone really).

If your friend likes their scents and is a big fan of perfumes, then you could get them a bottle you think (or know) they’d like. And if you have the budget, you could even buy them a perfume holiday set where there’s a perfume and a shower gel or something like that in it.
But if you’re on a budget and can’t really spend too much money, I have a cheaper solution for you. Zara has amazing scents and a full size bottle is around 10€ and you can even get a set of 2 full sized bottles for around 13€ which is a total bargain. You can chose from like 20 different scents and, to me, almost all smell really amazing. And if you buy the set of 2, trust me that it will last them a long time. I got one set in March and use the perfumes every day (and I put on quite a bit) and I’m not even half way through the bottle. Also if you have Lidl or Aldi near you, they have amazing perfumes for even less money and the bottles are around 200ml.
In my opinion, you can’t really go wrong with a perfume as a present since everyone uses them but you do need to be careful while choosing the scent since not everyone has the same taste and someone likes more floraly scent while someone else likes more fruity scent. But if you know the person you’re buying for well, then you shouldn’t have any problems.


In winter, everyone likes to stay warm and cozy so the perfect solution for that, in my opinion, is a jumper. Jumpers can be a perfect present for both, male and female. And since it’s Christmas time, you can even buy them a Christmas jumper so they can wear it on Christmas day. The only thing with jumpers is that they can be a bit pricey but sale season is beginning so I’m sure you could find a really good deal with jumpers. Also, if you have Primark near you, then, maybe look there because they have some great jumpers and their prices are affordable and the quality is not bad. And this time of the year, they have great Christmas jumper collection.
While buying jumpers, if you’re not sure about the size, maybe get one up so the jumper is a bit oversized since that’s the trend with jumpers.
Besides knitted jumpers, you can get a nice sports jumper for a friend who likes to workout or simply likes that style of jumpers on daily bases. And if you’re going with a sports style jumper, you don’t need to get a branded one that’s going to be expensive. Most sport shops have their own brands that tend to be really affordable.


As a huge makeup lover, I would love to get a makeup holiday set. And if you have friends that are makeup lovers or even if they just wear makeup every day, then maybe get them a makeup holiday set. Almost all brands do them so the selection is huge at the drugstores. And if you have the money and want to buy a more expensive gift, high end brands brought out holiday sets as well. Basically, you can get lost among all of the choices you have. There are sets with eyeshadows and a mascara or a mascara and concealer palette or a lipstick set, the possibilities are endless.
If you like, you can get a set with face care products in it. Like there are sets with micellar water and face masks or a cleanser and a face cream. There are many choices with that as well.
My suggestion is, if you go with this, that you buy a set that fits your friend the best, don’t really buy something because you would like to get it. And if you’re not sure, then maybe buy one with a mascara or a face mask because you can’t really go wrong with either.


If you have a friend who loves to read and loves a good book then you could get them a book you think they might like. With books, the possibilities are endless, there are so many genres, so many authors and just in general, so many books to choose from. If you know what kind of books your friend likes then there should be no problems with choosing one them.
A lot of people read ebooks (me included) on day to day bases that maybe, they might be really excited and happy with receiving a physical book. And you don’t even need to have a huge budget to be able to buy a book. I know that there are some publishers who make cheaper books, like they’re paperback and are made from recycled and thinner paper so they’re not pricey but they’re still quality made books. If you like a certain book, look if they have the cheaper version and save a bit of money.


Most girls like their pyjamas. (I say girls because I don’t really know any male who likes pyjamas, they use them but they don’t mind the look of it.) Now if you have a friend who likes some cute pyjama bottoms or the whole pyjama set then get them the cutest and coziest pyjamas you can find. Almost every clothing shop has pyjamas so you don’t need to go all over the town in search for one. My favourite shop for cute and cozy pyjamas is H&M. They always have a great selection of pyjamas and if you’re a Mickey Mouse fan like myself, then you will find a pyjama there, no doubt. The other store that does great pyjamas is Primark. I recently went into Primark and there was so many Disney pyjamas that I didn’t know what to choose. And they have Harry Potter themed pyjamas so if you know someone who would love that and have a Primark close by, maybe check it out. Also Lidl has some great pyjama sets but you need to look at their catalogue since they have different stuff every week. My favourite pyjamas that Lidl has are definitely onesies. They’re so cozy and warm, it’s heaven.


For one Christmas I decided to make personalised mugs for some of my friends. With personalised things, you can really go to town. There are mugs, phone cases, snow globes, keychains and many more that don’t come to mind right now.
You can use a photo of the two of you or you can print an interior joke between the two of you and make it personalised. Or you can simply put a funny photo and a quote that you know your friend will love on it.
A personalised mug or a phone case or anything really tends to be a bit more pricey than the regular one but if it is special and unique.
And if you don’t really have much money, you can buy a normal white mug and personalise it yourself, there are some great videos on Instagram on how to do that. Or you can buy a hat and saw a quote or something on it (or ask your grandma to do it, haha), same thing with pillows. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to make something personalised and special for a person that’s close to you.


I hope I gave you some ideas with this post. You can give me some ideas on what to get to someone as well.
If you want, you can read my older Christmas posts here.

Thank you for reading and I hope you will be back next Sunday for the new post.

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