Review: NYX liquid lipsticks

Recently, I finally got a chance to shop at a NYX shop and the things I wanted to try the most were their liquid lipsticks. There was quite a selection so it was a bit hard to chose just a few colours. I got three different types of liquid lipsticks so I decided to type up a post and tell you what I think about them.


The first time I saw a picture of this online and read what it was, I knew I have to try it. Now that I finally did, I completely feel in love with it. The colours that you can chose from are mostly nudes and neutral colours. I chose a nice nude with a pink undertone. It’s called French Maid and it is defined as a liquid lipstick.
Really easy to apply and the applicator is really good so you can apply it with great precision. It doesn’t smudge so if you don’t want to you don’t have to wear a liner. The colour is long lasting and the lipstick doesn’t feel heavy on the lips nor is it sticky. It dries pretty fast and you don’t really have a feeling that you have something applied to your lips.
I’m very happy with it and I have a feeling this will be a lip product I reach for a lot during Autumn. At NYX online shop, it’s priced at 7$ which is about 6€ and in my opinion that’s not too bad for a good liquid lipstick.
It quickly became my favourite and I even based some of my outfits and makeup looks on it so that I can put it on my lips, that’s how much I love to wear it.



I heard a lot good things about this from Zoella’s videos. She had a lot of nice things to say about it. She’s not the only one that had nice stuff to say about this. Since I heard good things about it, I was excited to get my hands on it and try it. And once I did, I knew what all the hype is about. There’s a nice selection of colours you can get so there should be a colour for every makeup look and for everyone. It’s not sticky and as well as the Lingerie, it’s very easy to apply. I got a dark brown colour called Vintage and it takes 2 layers for colour to look amazing. But in my opinion, two layers for a dark colour is not much. Even though I had two (or maybe more) layers on my lips, it didn’t feel heavy and it dried pretty fast. It’s really long lasting and you can wear it for longer periods of time with no problems. This one is priced at 7$ on online shop as well. In my opinion, it’s amazing and worth the money.



I visited an online shop a few times and had a few of this in my basket but once I got to the “checkout” it said that most of the colours I wanted were sold out so I never got them. Now that I have one, I love it. It’s defined as a lip cream but a lot of people refer to it as a liquid lipstick. It’s easy to apply, it doesn’t smudge. It takes a bit of time for it to dry and it won’t dry completely. It does, however dry your lips but there are only a few liquid lipsticks that don’t.
I chose a vibrant pink colour named Paris and to my surprise, it doesn’t stain your lips too much. The colour last for a decent amount of time and there’s no need to reapply it every half an hour.
At an online shop it’s priced at 6.50$ which is about 5.50€. Again, it’s not a ridiculous amount of money to pay for a great product.

I know that these products have been on the market for quite some time but like I said, I got my hands on them just recently. And all the hype that’s around these products is there for a reason. I haven’t had time to try these out for months but the little time I did have, I was very happy with them and the next time I get the chance to shop at NYX, I will most likely buy more of these. If you have any of these, I hope you like them as well.

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored.