Makeup Revolution Mystery Bag

I placed a new beauty order last week but this time it wasn’t a monthly subscription. I needed some bits of makeup from Makeup Revolution so I went online and ordered it. If you spent more than 30£ you get a mystery bag with products worth 25£. To be honest I was more excited about the mystery bag gift than the products I actually ordered. Once my order was delivered to me, I opened the mystery bag first and I was quite happy with what I got, in fact I was so happy that I decided to share it with you. I tried out all of the products already so I will tell you what I think of them as well.

The first thing I took out of the bag was the biggest packaging, “The Dead Are Alive” eyeshadow palette.
IMG_4383When I opened the palette, I was so happy with the look of it. The colours are beautiful mix of blues, purples, browns and greys. Most of them are shimmering but a few are matte. They are perfect for a smokey eye or to make a nice shimmery base for your eyeliner. One big plus is that there’s a big mirror on the inside so you can easily apply your makeup when you’re somewhere without big mirror.


The next thing I got was “Radiant light” highlighting powder.
IMG_4384I used this as a highlighter and it’s so beautiful. It’s not too shimmery but not too subtle, it’s perfect, especially now for summer to give your skin that slight glow.
It’s a nice size and it’s got mirror as well so you can touch up your makeup on the go.


There were two lip products in the bag. The first one was “Salvation intense lip lacquer”.
IMG_4385I used this lip lacquer yesterday for the first time and I was quite happy with it. It doesn’t have the consistency of a liquid lipstick but it’s not as runny as some of the lip glosses either. You might need a layer or two extra of this to get the full colour of the product but despite that, it doesn’t feel heavy on the lips. And it’s better for summer makeup look since it doesn’t dry your lips as most liquid lipsticks do.


An eyeshadow pigment was also one of the things inside the bag.
IMG_4386I was sceptical about trying this pigment because I never used one before and since it came in bluish/silver colour with metal effect. I’m not a fan of metal effect makeup, not lipsticks or nail polisher nor eyeshadows. But I decided to be brave and go for it. I applied small amount of it on my eyelids because I wasn’t sure how will the colour work with my grey/green eyes. But it looked alright so I decided not to wipe it off and just use regular eyeshadow palette and I just applied some eyeliner and mascara and my eyes were good to go. I don’t think I will used this too often but when I’m feeling brave, I will definitely go for it.


The thing I was really happy with was “The One Blush Stick”.
IMG_4387I’ve been using this blush everyday since the day I opened the Mystery Bag and saw it. It says that you can use it for your lips as well but I’ve been using it as a blush and I absolutely love it. It’s nice pink colour, perfect to give your cheeks a little hint of blush that looks natural. I just dabbed it on my cheeks and then blended it in using regular blush brush that I use to apply my cream blush.
I think that this is my favourite thing that I got in my Mystery Bag.


The last thing in the bag was a lip product as well.
IMG_4388It was this nice pinky lip gloss. I don’t usually use lip glosses because I find them too sticky and I don’t like the consistency but I was pleasantly surprised with this one. The consistency is more like the one of a liquid lipstick than the one of a lip gloss. I also love the colour. It’s perfect to pair with a purple eyeshadow look. And the best thing is that it doesn’t wear off quickly, it lasts for a few hours without any problems.


Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored.