Telly shows perfect to watch over summer break

If you’re a student then your summer break has already begun or will begin in a few weeks after exams (Good luck to everyone who’s in the exam season right now!!). During summer, the one thing I like to do a lot, besides reading, is watching endless amount of telly shows on my laptop. On most days when it’s so hot outside that you could easily melt, you will find me in the darkness of my room with my laptop on my lap or somewhere on the bed and I’ll be watching one of the telly shows I love a lot. Today, I decided to make a list of 10 telly shows I love to watch. Some of them are still being filmed and are currently on a summer break and some of them are finished so once you watch them you don’t have to wonder what’s going to happen next and wait until September/October to find out. Almost all the shows are really well known and you probably watch some of them or you have watched them at some point but maybe you discover a new telly show you can watch this summer in this post. Since I have to describe 10 shows, I better stop rambling and get started on that. So let’s go!!


Grey’s Anatomy is without a doubt my favourite telly show. I rewatched first 6 seasons many times, of course I rewatched seasons 1-11 but the first 6 most of the times because I used to borrow DVD’s of them in my local library.
I think that most of the people heard about this show and probably watched at least one episode but I will still say what it’s about.
The story starts with Meredith Grey and her first day as a surgical intern in Seattle Grace hospital. As the seasons go on, the interns are no longer interns but residents and later attendings. Along all the medical drama, there is of course a lot of love drama included.
The thing I love the most about this show is that once you think you finally got the plot figured out and you know for certain what’s going to happen next with your favourite character, they prove you wrong. Basically you never know what’s going to happen and you never know which character will or will not survive till the end of the season. Every episode keeps you on the edge of your seat and you can’t wait for the next episode.
The show is currently on summer break and will be back in late September but there’s 13 seasons for anyone who wants to watch it.


Private Practice is a spin-off of Grey’s Anatomy. It starts when one of the main characters Addison Montgomery leaves rainy Seattle and moves to sunny Los Angeles.
It’s a story about doctors who don’t work in a hospital on day to day basis but they work/own a private practice. There is an alternative medicine doctor, a psychiatrist, a pediatrician, a fertility specialist and a regular physician working in the practice. They like to call themselves a family. Of course there’s a lot of drama with their personal lives included. The new doctors come over the years, the practice almost runs out of business but they manage to save it and some of the doctors leave. There are some episodes that are crossover with Grey’s Anatomy where carathers from Seattle come to LA and the other way around.
The show ended a few years ago and there is 6 seasons of it so if you’re interested you can watch it all. And if you love Grey’s but never saw this, then I suggest you check it out.


I only watched this show a few years ago when they started to air it on television in the evenings. I heard of the show before that but I never paid it any attention. When I started to watch it, it wasn’t even on the first episode, I think it was halfway through the second season. And once I saw how funny and unusual it is, I went online and caught up with all the episodes that were available at the time.
It’s a story about three families that are related to each other. There is a gay household where they adopted a little girl and now two men are trying to raise a little girl. Then there is a rich, older man who married a younger, saxy columbian woman and they live with her son but in a few years they have a baby of their own. And then there is your everyday American family with a stay at home mum who takes care of her three children while dad works as a real estate agent. All would be fine but every family member is special in it’s own way and seeing them interact with each other is where the comedy begins. As the show goes on, the children grow up and are not children anymore but they’re not the only ones who change. Adults face changes (besides getting older and their children growing up) in their career and their relationships.
If you’re looking for a telly show that will make your belly ache from laughing then I recommend you watch Modern Family if you haven’t. There’s 8 seasons so far and each one is better than the previous one.


This is the show that I discovered about two months ago and watched almost all of it in a week. I was very sad when a week before the final episode of the season 6, the news about show being canceled were posted.
The show begins when single, 20 something year old bartender Ben, known for his player ways, finds a baby girl in front of his flat’s front door. Being a single dad was never in his cards so his roommate Tuck, his big brother Danny, his best friend Riley and his mum Bonnie do everything to make his life with little Emma easier (for most of the time). Emma is slowly becoming bigger as the show goes on and with each new mile stone Ben is even more challenged. Bonnie is a teenage mother who loves good chardonnay and she supports her older son Danny’s hockey career to no end. Tuck is a television producer wannabe and Riley is a lawyer.
To be honest Bonnie is my favourite character in this show and maybe even on television. She’s really quirky and her humor is on the next level.
The show has 6 seasons and if you decide to watch it, you won’t regret it because it’s a bit refreshing, even though there is a few shows about single parents and dysfunctional families, this one is a bit different.


MOTHI believe that everyone heard of dr. Sheldon Cooper or at least of his catch phrase “Bazinga!!”. I’ve been watching TBBT since it first came out and I love the show.
The show follows everyday lives of 4 nerdy scientists and their next door neighbour, blonde waitress who wants to make it as an actress. During the show the guys have a few girlfriends and some of them even get married. The weirdest thing for most of the viewers and characters is when Sheldon gets a girlfriend, a neurobiologist named Amy. The gang starts calling them Shamy and soon they win the hearts of the viewers. (Including mine, I love Shamy so much together.) Even though the guys were very socially awkward in the beginning, as the story progresses, they become more “normal”.
This show will make you laugh a lot and 4 nerds will easily make their way into your heart.
There is currently 10 seasons of the show and they will be back with season 11 in September.


When I finished watching Friends for the first time, I decided that I need to find another show I can laugh at and that’s how I stumbled across How I Met Your Mother.
Ted Mosby sits his teenage children down with intention on telling them how he met their mother. You think that’s not going to take long but only 9 seasons later we finally hear the story. Ted ends up telling the story of almost all of his late twenties and early thirties to his children before telling them the story about their mother. The show follows the gang of 5 friends who love to have a pint in their local pub in New York. In the first episode Ted falls in love with a news reporter Robin Scherbatsky and we all think she’s the mother but it ends up she’s just “Aunt Robin”. Over the years Marshall and Lily who have been a couple since their freshman year, get married and have a family and that changes a group a bit. And of course we have a player who’s never been in a relationship and who loves his playbook and filling it in every night, Barney Stinson. Barney almost never wears something that is not a suit.
To be honest I love this show but I hated the last season a bit and not just because it was the last season. A lot people were a bit disappointed with the ending but I thought it was the only ending that was fair to the story. If you want you can check the show out (if you haven’t) and judge for yourselves. And if you saw the ending you can tweet me (link on the bottom of the page) and we can discuss what you thought about it since the opinions on it are very different.

MV5BMTYxMDA3Mzg5NV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNDIxOTcwMDI@._V1_SY1000_CR0,0,666,1000_AL_2 BROKE GIRLS

2 Broke Girls is a show I discovered last year during my gap year. They showed it on telly around noon and they showed two episodes. Since I liked the show, I went online to see how many episodes there are and since I knew they won’t show all of them on the telly, I decided to watch it all.
It tells a story about Max and Caroline who work in a diner to earn enough money to survive. At the end of every episode there’s amount of money they currently have shown on the screen. Caroline is former rich girl who’s dad went to prison for fraud and now she’s forced to fend for herself. Max on the other hand, is a total opposite, she’s free spirited, likes to get high and her boobs and she’s not afraid to speak her own mind. Unlike Caroline, Max was never rich and knows how to survive with minimal amount of money.
There are 6 seasons and the show was recently canceled so the season  is the last season. If you didn’t watch it you can watch all of the show and don’t have to wait for new episodes. It’s sad that the show was canceled but they canceled a lot of great telly shows last month.


This is a Netflix original series. It’s a “sequel” of the original show called Full House.
The show follows everyday lives in Fuller household. D.J. is recently widowed mother of 3 boys; Jackson, Max and Tommy. To help her raise her boys, her best friend Kimmy Gibbler and her sister Stephanie Tanner move in with her.
The original cast from Full House appears throughout the show and they kind of make fun of old catch up phrases. Scenes from the original show can be seen as flashbacks as well.
I love Full House so when I heard that Fuller House is a thing I was very excited. Since the story is very similar to the original one you’d think it would be boring but it’s not. There are iPhones and iPads and all the technology now but that’s not the only thing that’s new. Even though the starting story is almost the same, the story told throughout the episodes is different. There are a lot of laughs in store for you if you decide to watch it. There are two seasons available so far and the third one is coming later this year. The big plus is that the entire season comes to Netflix on the same day so you don’t have to wait for new episodes every week.


Another show I discovered recently.
The show is about a single used to be teenage mum who is a recovering alcoholic. She’s a waitress in a fancy restaurant and she’s trying to make a better life for her two children. But once her mum Bonnie (another mum named Bonnie, I know) makes an appearance, it’s not as easy anymore. Christy would love to blame all of her life problems on her mother but that’s not how it works. To make things worse her teenage daughter falls pregnant and becomes a third generation of teenage pregnancy in their family.
The show is funny and a little bit different. I still haven’t seen all the episodes but I plan to do that this summer. There’s 4 seasons and the fifth season will start to air in November. I watched until the middle of season 3 so I’m not too far behind.


I know that Gossip Girl ended years ago and that probably everyone watched it but I always come back to it in summer. I just love Serena and Blair too much.
The show follows lives of teenagers who live on Upper East Side of Manhattan. Rich kids with a lot of personal drama and games. To most seniors in high school the main concern is getting into good UNI but not to them. The prestige and the position in high society is what’s most important.
Like I already said, I always come back to watching Gossip Girl. All the drama around boyfriends and everything else is fun to watch. And of course wishing that you’d have Serena Van der Woodsen’s closet is neverending. All in all, if you watch all the shows so you don’t have anything new to watch, like I do, then might as well watch this a bit older show again. Or if you never saw Gossip Girl, then I highly recommend watching it this summer. Little drama never hurt anyone.

Disclaimer: All of the photos are taken from official IMDb sites for each show.