Formal summer

Since Summer is coming rapidly I decided to look through my closet to get my summer clothes out and ready. While doing that I saw I have a few dresses that would be perfect for formal occasions such as weddings or some formal party being held outside in the open. There’s 5 dresses I wanted to share with you.

This dress is from TerraNova. It’s a light powder pink colour with a thin black belt that you can and don’t have to tie around your waist.
To me the dress looks better with the belt since it gives more shape to your body but it still looks alright without it.
When I wore it, I paired it with nude heels and nude clutch.
The material is light and is perfect for hot summer days.
I would put my hair in a side plait because I think it would look really good with this style dress.



This next dress is actually my mum’s. It’s by brand Sisley. It’s dark purple with black flowers on it. I like that it’s almost skin tight so that it accurate the shape of your body.
It would look perfect with black pumps.
You could be a bit hot since it’s dark colour but other than that the dress is very comfortable to wear.
I would probably put my hair up while wearing the dress.




A white dress with flower print is perfect for summer weddings and events. There’s see through material on top so you need to wear a strapless bra. The material is very light and it flows when you spin around. There’s a small cutout on the back.
I would probably pair this dress with my flower print pumps since I like the idea of double flower print.
For my hair, I would curl it lightly and maybe do a little plait like a crown on the top of my head.




This dress makes me feel like a princess since it has a bottom like a gown. It comes down to my knees and since it’s strapless you’ll probably want to wear a strapless bra. The top is white with little cutouts in the first layer of the material so it has a nice effect with the pattern.
I would wear this dress with a nude sandals.
And since it’s a strapless dress I would put a part of my hair up and curled the rest so that it flows don my back.




Another strapless dress and another dress with a flower print.
It has ruffles on the bottom and a bit of lace with a few buttons on the top of the dress. The dress also has pockets so it’s not strictly a formal dress.
Again, I would probably pair it with flower print pumps or nude heels since the dress is light colour.
And for my fair, I would probably make small plaits on the side of my head and then meet them in the middle and make one plait to go down my back.




If you need to go to a wedding or a formal party this summer, I hope that this post gave you some ideas about what to wear.

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored.