Austria trip

Yesterday at 4 in the morning my family, me and our family friends started our drive towards Vienna. We went by a bus with my mum’s work.

First we went to a cave that used to be a mime and it has the biggest underground lake in Europe. The place is called Seegrotte and it’s little outside of Vienna.

The view of the lake inside was so beautiful. I took so many photos that it was so hard to chose a photo to put in this post. It was cold in the mime/cave since the temperature is 12 degrees Celsius all year around. The mime used to be used for a space to make aeroplanes in World War II. They have to pump a certain amount of water out every day because otherwise the level of water would get too high and tourists couldn’t enjoy it as it is now and the cave/mime would flood.
When you’re entering the cave you need to go through the mime and once you reach the cave you need to go down a set of stairs to get to the lake. There are boats for 26 people so that you can ride on the lake and see the cave from that perspective. It looked so magical and the little passageways looked amazing. The reflection of the cave on the water was amazing as well and there are some amazing photos stored on my phone.
The entrance fee is 11€ for adults and the tour with a guide lasts for about 45 minutes.
They filmed the film The Three Musketeers by Walt Disney in the cave in 1993 and you can see some of the props for the film still in the cave.
If you have a chance I would highly recommend visiting this cave because it was an amazing experience.

After the cave, we drove the short distance to Vienna and went to see the castle Dodaj u rječnik.

The castle is huge and it has 1441 rooms. It was one of the residences of the royal family when Austria was a monarchy. It was built similar to the Versailles because the Austrian queen loved the look of the French palace and wanted one herself.
The garden is enormous and has a lot of roses and tress, in fact there is so many trees and bushes that they built a maze with them. Since it was nice and sunny day we spent most of our free time walking around the garden and taking million photos in silly poses and of course a lot of selfies. (Me and 4 other girls were in the ‘squad’ so what can you expect from 5 girls with smartphones?!) There are two fountains in front of the castle and another big one at the back of the garden.
You can really see the French influence while walking through the garden and in my opinion it looked beautiful.
This was my fourth time visiting Vienna but I never went to see the inside of the castle so that’s still on my travel bucket list.
In winter the part of the Christmas fair is being hosted in front of the castle and I can’t decide if I loved it more in the Christmas time with all the lights or now when it was 28 degrees outside and all the roses blossomed.

Once we got back on the bus we drove around the centre of Vienna to see all the important buildings and sights and at around 2 o’clock in the afternoon we walked to the Cathedral where we agreed on the time when we’re supposed to meet and had two and a half hours for shopping. The biggest shopping streets with all the major shops (H&M, Zara, Forever 21, Clair’s, Douglas, Peek & Cloppenburg….) is right there so we had enough time to go to all the stores that we wanted. At the end of our shopping time, we went to Starbucks to get some beverages since Starbuck hasn’t opened in Croatia yet.

Once we all came to the spot where we were supposed to meet, we went inside the cathedral. After that we went towards the Spanish riding school and that’s when it started to pour so we had to wait it out a bit so we don’t get drenched. The rain calmed down a bit so we started to walk towards our bus and to see some of the important buildings on the way. So we saw the city hall, the royal theatre, the library, the natural history museum and the museum of art. The natural history and art museum are on the same square, one on the left and the other one on the right side and the buildings that they’re in look identical. I visited the natural history museum a few years ago and if you’re in Vienna and have time, go and visit it because you can see some amazing things on the display in there.

The bus collected us in front of the natural history museum and we were on our way to the highway and towards home.
We, of course, stopped on Landzeit (a rest stop restaurant where with a certain coffee you get a mug as a gift) and I had to take a paper crown that they had for children since I already had 2 crowns from other places at home, and I’m the biggest child when it comes to that so….

All in all, it was an amazing trip with amazing people and I hope we will get to do it again some day but to some other country and/or city.