My Summer Soundtrack

Since this week summer officially started, I thought I'd make a playlist with songs that I would play at a party this summer. Some of the songs have the word summer in the title but most of them, I just love because they're upbeat and in my opinion perfect to dance to at a party. … Continue reading My Summer Soundtrack


Formal summer

Since Summer is coming rapidly I decided to look through my closet to get my summer clothes out and ready. While doing that I saw I have a few dresses that would be perfect for formal occasions such as weddings or some formal party being held outside in the open. There's 5 dresses I wanted … Continue reading Formal summer

Austria trip

Yesterday at 4 in the morning my family, me and our family friends started our drive towards Vienna. We went by a bus with my mum's work. First we went to a cave that used to be a mime and it has the biggest underground lake in Europe. The place is called Seegrotte and it's … Continue reading Austria trip