Beauty Box

Last month I wrote about a beauty subscription that I subscribed to. I thought I’d do the same this month but with a different beauty subscription. This month I decided to subscribe to a different beauty subscription to see which one I like better. The price is the same, and that’s around 13.50€. It’s called Beauty Box and I got three times more in worth of the products then what I paid.

The box is designed like a drawer which is practical for later storage. I plan to keep my lipsticks in it but you can use it for jewelry or other kind of makeup or beauty products. This months box is cute because it has little ice creams on the drawer. The box has some perfect products for summer and I was very happy when I saw them. Like in the last beauty subscription I described, this one also had some full sized products and a few tester ones.



This is a tester of Miraculous Recovery Repairing Shampoo and Conditioner by John Frieda.
It says on the back that it’s perfect for recovery of damaged hair.
I think that this is perfect for after holiday since your hair has been exposed to the sun and possibly sea.




This next product is the most expensive one in the box and it came in full size!!
It’s a pack of vitamins by Nature’s Beauty.
I got Omega-3 Concentrate Krill Oil Fish Oil. And you’re supposed to take one after a meal.
To be honest I’m not too sure I’m going to use this because the thought of Fish Oil makes me gag. I might give it a try though.




I’m very excited about this next product. It’s Sun Care Marmelade by Afrodita Cosmetics. It says that it should help you tan and make your bronzed skin look radiant.
It looks and smells like a tube full of caramel and it’s very creamy.
I can’t wait to go on a holiday or simple to sunbathe so that I can give this a try.





This next item is a red nail polish by Catrice. I always seem to get a red nail polish in this beauty subscriptions.
It’s from Catrice’s new range of long lasting gel nail polishes. The name of the collection is ICONails Gel Lacquer nail polish.
I plan to paint my toe nails with it today because it will match the red dots I have on my fingernails. (Again, permanent gel nail polish that I can’t take off so I can’t give it a try on my fingernails.)



I was a bit surprised to find a pads in the box, I’m not going to lie. I’m loyal to one brand and always buy the same kind of pads when I need them but since these ones came in the box, I might give them a try to see if they’re any better than the ones I usually use.









This next one is a tester as well. It’s made by a Croatian brand. There’s two of the same testers and they came in a cute little box that can be used to store earrings or something similar.
It’s a smooth, velvety cream with natural ingredients. I like the fact that you can use it as a primer before putting your makeup on or as a part of your evening skin ritual. Since there are two testers, I’ll use it as both to see which way I like it better.





The last item in the box was a little anklet.
I’m not a fan of anklets or toe rings or any foot accessories so I’ll probably wear it as a braclet.
I think it’s cute and I like the little purple gem that’s in the middle so that it’s not too plain or simple but at the same time it’s not too much.
Again it’s made by a Croatian designer.





I like the contents of this months box but I can’t decide if I like this beauty subscription or the one I got last month better. I think that value of this one was a bit higher than the other one since some of the full sized products are a bit pricey. But again, it probably differs from month to month and I was just lucky this month.

For everyone in Croatia who wants to try this subscription here’s the link where you can order your box for July.
Also if you haven’t read or you want a reminder what was in the other beauty subscription I got last month, the link is here.

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored.