Lazy fashion

There are definitely days when you don’t feel like putting too much effort in your outfit. I know I have that kind of days when I just want to stay in bed but if I’m forced to go somewhere, I will probably just put joggers or leggings on with a simple t-shirt and be done. But sometimes you can look like you put effort in your outfit even if you just put something simple on so today I decided to share some of my “lazy fashion” outfits with you.

I’m wearing:
Top – black long t-shirt from TerraNova
Bottoms – white and purple patterned leggings from C&A

I think that you can pull this off when going to uni lessons or simply to the store and look like you put some effort in choosing your outfit.









I’m wearing:
Top – “Think outside the box” black sweatshirt from Sinsay
Bottoms – grey jeans by Levi’s

This look can pass as making an effort (at least to me) since it includes wearing jeans. And the sweatshirt gives the relaxing, casual feel to the outfit.









I’m wearing:
Top – long dark denim shirt from H&M
Bottoms: Blue patterned leggings from Tally Weijl

I love to wear this look, especially in winter with some ankle boots. I think it’s casual enough not to be considered a lazy look. And the shirt helps a lot with the interpretation of this outfit.








I’m wearing:
Top – Polka dot multi coloured top by Converse
Bottoms – dark denim dungarees from C&A

I spent a lot of time wearing these last summer. They’re perfect for warm days because they show your ankles and you can wear any t-shirt or even a tank top underneath them.








I’m wearing:
Top – light blue knee length dress by Esmara (It’s a brand of clothes you can find in Lidl)

I think that this dress will look amazing with some slip-ons or with some Converse. And the best thing is, you just throw it on and it looks like you made an effort.









I’m wearing:
Top – #1 dark blue tank top with little buttons from H&M
#2 light denim shirt from C&A
Bottoms – black leggings from H&M

This is probably my favourite “lazy fashion” outfit for warmer days. It’s perfect for going to town on a Saturday morning or to the cinema and you don’t have to go through the trouble of wearing jeans.




If you’re like me on some days (mostly weekends) and you don’t feel like making a lot of effort in dressing, I hope that this post gave you some new ideas.

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored.