Tester box

Around first of this month I decided to subscribe to a service where they put new products and testers of new products to one box and they send it to your address around 20th of the month. You do a serve on their website so that they know your beauty likes so that they can make a box according to your preferences.  It’s called Tester box in Croatia, where I live. I saw this kind of thing from bloggers and YouTubers from other countries so I got talking to one of my friends and she told me to check it out. The price was around 13.50€ and the delivery is free. The box is worth more than I paid, that’s for sure. There’s 4 full sized products, 2 travel sized and 6 samples, so 12 things in total. Plus the box that is so gorgeous, I feel in love with it the second I laid my eyes on it.

Today, I wanted to share what was inside the box with you and my thoughts on the product.

The first full sized product that caught my eyes when I opened the box was Schwartzkopf’s got 2b dry shampoo. It’s not even available in shops yet so I feel quite special since I already got it. The thing that excited me the most about this dry shampoo is that it says that it doesn’t leave white residue so your hair won’t look like you’ve got grey hairs if you don’t comb it out properly.
I can’t wait to try it.





Another product that got me excited was Avon’s new nail polish from their mark. range. They have lipsticks, powders, nail polishes, makeup setting spays and other goodies in this collection.
I got dark, blood red coloured nail polish and I was very happy with it. I have a few of Avon nail polishes so I’m quite excited to try this one sometime in the future. (I still have a nail polish that I have to go to a salon to get taken off, you who read my nail polish post will know what I’m on about.)




When I saw this Thalasso Scrub I was very intrigued to see what it does to your skin so I turned it over and read the instructions. It should renew your skin and get rid of your imperfections such as black spots and acne. My skin is not the clearest so I was very happy with the product I got.
There’s sea salt and oil in the package and you need to mix it with your fingers while it’s still in the packaging.
I will definitely try this on my next pamper night.




The last full size product in the box were makeup remover wet wipes. I use wet wipes everyday to take my makeup off so I can’t complain with this product. The package says that they’re without paraben, not that I know what that is but supposedly it’s bad. There’s 25 of them in the package and I will try them once I finish the package I’m currently using.





This Nivea deodorant came in cute little travel size. I immediately put it in my bag because it’s a lot more bag friendly that your regular size deodorant that I usually carry around with me.
I didn’t try this particular one before but I did use Nivea deodorants before and I was happy with them so I don’t think that this one will disappoint me.





This cream is from private little company in Croatia and it’s home made. It’s made from lavender and nettle. It said on the back that it’s great for bruises and injuries and since I always manage to get a bruise (I bruise like a peach), this cream is perfect for me.
This is the only product I tried out so far and it works. I put it on a fresh bruise on my thigh in the evening and it already looked so much better in the morning.
I think that once I spend this little travel size, that I will do my best to get a hold of a full sized product.


This two samples come together because you use one after the other. One is gel wash for your face and then the other one is a Nutri-fluid lotion to apply after cleansing your face. It says on the packaging that they’re for dry and sensitive skin so I think I will save them for summer because my skin is everything but dry in the moment.





I’m excited to try this next sample. The amount that you get should just be enough for one treatment. It’s a control cream for acne prone skin and since I have a bit of a problem with acne sometime, I will definitely be using it pretty soon. The only problem is, that if I like it a lot, I will want to buy a full sized product which is a bit expensive. But if the one treatment will help, then I will probably buy this cream in full size and not go shopping for like a month.



The next tester is 2ml of Midnight recovery botanical cleansing oil.
The interesting thing about using this oil is that you rub it into a dry skin of your face, including around the eyes and then you add the water so that you get an emulsion for cleansing and then you just need to remove it with a tissue.
I’m interested to try it to see how will it work.




When I saw slim design on the front of this next sample, I was very interested to see what it is. It’s a product that you apply over night so that it would work on getting your celulite better. (Fun fact: you can never get rid of the celulite because it’s normal to have it under your skin so you can only remove it from the surface.)
I don’t think I need this yet but I will most likely give it a try before summer.




The next sample is a skin care one as well.
It can be used on all skin types and it helps you brighten and smooth your skin and it helps you get radiant completion.
It says that it’s organic so you shouldn’t be afraid of getting a reaction.



And that’s all that came in the April box. To be honest, I didn’t expect to get this many samples and full sized products. I was pleasantly surprised with it. I can’t wait to try them all and I’m sure that I will mention some of them in the future blog posts.
I would try them and review them all today but this week has been hectic and I simply didn’t have the time to do it.

For you who live in Croatia and want to try the next month’s box, here’s the link where you can order it. There’s one month, six months or a yearly subscription so check it out and see what works the best for you. I’m glad I got mine this month and it was most definitely the money well spent.

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored.