Cheap nail polishes

Nails, some of us like them painted and long, some painted and short and some just like them natural. Among my friends for the last few years it’s in to have fake gel nails, now I’m not against it but I feel fake nails on mine and I find it hard to do anything. I can naturally grow my nails really long so there’s no need for me to have fake nails but last week I went to the store and bought a set of 30 fake nails. Why, you ask? Well I wanted to do a post today about cheap nail polishes that you can get ahold in most drugstores so I wanted for you to see how each colour looks like on a nail and I couldn’t really go to the drugstore and take a photo of their nail samples. So the only thing I could do is buy some fake nails and paint them. I know you’ll say I could just paint my own nails but I currently have a so called “permanent” nail polish that I got done in a salon so I can’t take it of like I would do with my own “regular” nail polish.
Even though, I currently got my nails done so that the colour would last a few weeks, I have about 100 different colours, top coats and sequined in my nail polish collection. The reason why I got my nails done is because I don’t have time to paint my nails every few days because of my uni tasks and studying but once the summer arrives and I’m (hopefully) free from uni for a few months, I will definitely paint my own nails again because there are only few colours I don’t get bored with after a day or two.

I think I bored you enough with the details so now I will start talking about nail polishes and brands that made them. All the ones I will mention cost under 4€ and are easy to get ahold off. So let’s begin.

Rimmel in 407 Hot Tropicana
Everyone who read any of beauty posts on this blog knows that I’m a big Rimmel fan. Well with nail polishes, I’m not as big of a fan as with makeup. I only have 3.
Now don’t think that it’s a lousy nail polish, it’s just that there are no new colours for me to get.
The applicator is nice and wide and it doesn’t leave lines on your nails while applying the polish. The colour is nice and vibrant and it lasts you 5 or more days (I use a base and a top coat as well) and it won’t really chip off, even if you apply multiple coats.
This one is really pink, in sunlight it looks like a highlighter you use while studying. I think this colour is perfect for spring and even in summer for a trip to the beach to paint your fingers but also toe nails.
The price is 3€ and it’s easy to get ahold of it.


Essence in 167 candy love
Essence has some great products for little money. Nail polishes are no exception. For only 2€, you get an amazing product.
This is an older version of their polishes because new ones have gel effect and they last up to a week, especially if you apply their gel effect top coat.
I thought that I will need to apply a lot of this polish since it’s really light but that’s not the case. Only two coats are enough for the colour to look as it’s said that it does.
I have a few Essence nail polishes and a few of their top coats and I love them. They don’t take too long to dry and again, they’re friendly to your purse and bank card. And their newer collection with gel effect makes your nails look like you got them professionally done and the colour lasts a bit better and if you accidently hit your nail on something, it might not break right away.


Eveline in 686
I love this nail polish and this colour. It’s something between orange and red and it looks great on short or long nails any time of the year but I prefer to wear it in warmer months.
The applicator is nice and wide and it only takes two swipes to paint your nail. It only needs two coats for the colour to look brilliant.
You don’t need to worry about messing your nails up because it dries quite quickly and has a nice shine.
The colour will last up to 5 days, even though the bottle says up to 9 days.
This one is the cheapest at only 1.5€ and it’s even available in some supermarkets at the check out.



Colorama in 214
Colorama is Maybelline’s brand but it’s a bit cheaper than Maybelline itself. This nail polish will set you back for 3€.
I have a few of this but I don’t tend to reach for them as much as I do for others. The colour lasts only for a few days and it chips really easily, especially if you take a shower that’s a bit longer or a bath.
The applicator is your standard nail polish applicator and it will take you a few swipes to paint the entire nail.
The other thing I’m not a fan of when it comes to this nail polish is that the colour that you see at the store and in the bottle, is not really the colour you get once it’s dry.
Nail polish in the bottle gets old really quickly and it gets so thick you can’t apply it and you have to throw it away after only a few months. All in all, I think that you can get better nail polishes for the same or lower price. Sequined nail polishes, though, are a different story and are amazing.


Catrice in 113 You R On My Mint
Catrice is my favourite brand for nail polishes. They have a lot of different colours and they all have cool names. They’re affordable at 3€ and are easy to get ahold off.
The applicator is nice and wide and it takes like two swipes for colour to be applied and it doesn’t leave stripes or tiny air bubbles behind.
This one is nice icy blue colour and it takes two or three coats for it to look amazing. You can easily pair it with a sequined top coat. Or you can use it for the tips while doing French manicure and it will look great.
It lasts for a week without a problem even if you go to the pool twice a week (I’m talking from experience).
All in all you get an amazing nail polish for a great price. They announced a new range with some quite cool names and I can’t wait for them to hit the stores so I can get my hands on them to try them out.


Wet n Wild in E455B Tickled Pink/ Rose Chatouillement
I got this nail polish a few months ago when it was new to the range and I fell in love with its baby pink colour. I started to be a fan of pink last summer and since then I added quite a few pink nail polishes to my collection and this is one of my favourite ones.
The only a bit bad thing about this nail polish is that the applicator is a bit thinner so if you’re painting the entire nail, it will take a few swipes to get the colour on the nail. But other than that it’s great. It dries relatively quickly and it lasts up to a week with only two coats applied. It’s not too runny but then again it’s not thick either so that you have a problem with applying it neatly. It has a shiny look once it’s dry so this one, as well, looks like you got your nails done professionally and it will only cost you 2€ to get it.


All the colours together:IMG_3947


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