Drugstore liquid lipsticks

For a very long time I was scared to try a liquid lipstick because I’m not a fan of lipglosses and I thought that a liquid lipstick will be similar and that it will be very runny and will smudge easily. Once liquid lipsticks were present at every makeup counter, I decided to try one and I couldn’t be more wrong with my assumptions. I already said, many times that my lipstick collection is slowly getting ridiculous and there’s quite a few liquid ones there. As a matter of fact few of my favourites are the liquid ones. So today I decided to review drugstore liquid lipsticks for you. If you’re a fan of lipsticks, then sit back and (hopefully) enjoy this post.

Fluid Velvet Mat Lipstick in 05 Mat by Deborah

This particular lipstick recently became my favourite. It’s a nice fuscia colour and it dries instantly and becomes matte right away. It’s not sticky nor runny and it’s easy to apply. You might have a bit of trouble getting it off completely in the evening because the pigmentation is really high. The colour duration is really long and it will easily last you the entire day with only a bit of touching up. It does dry your lips but not as much as some other liquid lipsticks do. The price is a bit on the higher side at 9€.

Matte Me in Old Hollywood by Sleek

I know that most beauty bloggers and YouTubers have raved about this lipstick but I had trouble tracking it down and getting ahold of it but once I did I was blown away with it. The colour is also the one I wanted for a while and I think it’s a perfect colour for December and Christmas day. It’s a really nice dark red colour. Once you apply it, it takes a bit of time to dry and for it to stop being sticky. It’s long lasting but it does dry your lips quite a bit and I suggest you apply lip balm or lip oil on your lips once you’ve scrubbed it off because it is strong and it will take you time and effort to take it off. It’s priced at 7€ and it is available online.


Lip paint/Matte in 201 Hollywood beige by L’oréal

I’m not going to lie and say that I was amazed with this one because I wasn’t. I was very disappointed because L’oréal usually has amazing makeup. The consistency is weird and it takes like a billion layers for the colour to look like it should and like it’s not a lipgloss. I chose a light pinky colour so I can’t imagine how many layers you need to apply when you get red or dark purple one. It feels a bit heavy on the lips but I can only assume that the reason is the amount you need to apply. Since this was a new arrival and I was the first one among my friends to purchase it, everyone asked me if it’s amazing and the only thing I told them was “It’s not worth the money.” and I still think that now after having it and wearing it for a few months. It’s priced at 8€ but that’s only a promo price. (At least that’s what they told me at the drugstore.)

Lip Amplification in Conviction by Makeup Revolution

This liquid lipstick has consistency more like a lipgloss so it’s a bit more runny and it takes a bit more time to dry. The colour is very dark purple and if you apply a lot then it looks more like a black than a purple. It’s not as long lasting as you would like and you will need to reapply it quite a few times if you intend to wear it all day. I wouldn’t suggest you wear it if you go out to dinner because it will come off almost entirely. After taking it off, your lips will remain a bit purple and they will look like you’ve been biting them all day. You can get ahold of it online and it’s priced at just above 4€ but it’s worth the money.

Longstay Liquid Matte Lipstick in 12 by Golden Rose

It says Kissproof on the packaging and I laughed a bit when I saw it but once I’ve put it on and saw how long lasting it is, I thought it might just be true that it’s kiss proof. It’s a dark brown colour with a bit of shimmer in it. Once you apply it, it takes a bit of time to dry and it will be a bit sticky for quite a while. It doesn’t transfer or smudge and it won’t need much touching up throughout the day. It’s available in most European countries.(I’m sorry but I’m not sure about the rest.) I believe it’s also available to get ahold of it online and it’s priced at 6€. In my opinion that money is worth it because the lipstick is amazing and it will easily last you the entire day. Also it smells like some kind of candy and it looks a bit like chocolate, but don’t try to taste it because I can’t imagine it tasting good.

Vivid Matte Liquid in 50 Nude Thrill by Maybelline

I have a few Vivid Matte lipsticks and I’m very excited for the new colours to hit the stores. This one is in nude colour and it goes really well with any makeup look and you can wear it for a special occasion or with joggers and trainers. The consistency is amazing and it’s really easy to apply. This one also smells like some kind of candy. It feels really velvety and light on your lips. The colour lasts for a fair amount of time and it might need just a bit of touching up throughout the day. It’s priced at 8€ and since I have a few of them, you can tell that I think it’s the money well spent. I would suggest Vivid Matte lipsticks to anyone in whichever colour they prefer because I think that it’s really worth the money you give for it.

I hope that you found this post interesting/useful. Also if you have an amazing liquid lipstick you think I should try you can tweet me or message me on here. I would be very grateful because obviously I need more lipsticks.

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored.