Clothing haul

First, I’d like to apologise for lack of post last Sunday. I wrote it and scheduled it (like every weekend) but WordPress didn’t want to cooperate with me and somehow didn’t post it. I don’t know if it had something to do with clocks changing but I’m still sorry there wasn’t anything from me for you to read. Hopefully today’s post makes up for it.

Since new collections came into the stores, I spent quite some time browsing the racks and shelves. My card and bank account haven’t started crying as of yet but if I continue shopping as much as I did in the past two weeks, it will soon, be a different story. Because I bought some amazing stuff, I decided to share them with you because I love seeing YouTube videos or blog posts with the word haul in their title, I named this post clothing haul because that basically is what I have done.
This time I didn’t model the clothes as I usually do, but I will put the price next to the photo since the price is one of the most important things you need to know while buying something. Some of the clothes (if not all) are available online on the shops websites so you don’t need to worry if you like something and want to purchase it but don’t have the access to the store where I got it.

I got this gorgeous dress from Zara and it was quite a bargain since it was only 20€. There are three colours of this model; black, black and white stripes and yellow one. It comes to mid thigh and it’s a bit loose so it doesn’t accent your body shape much. The collar is high and comes to right under your chin.
I feel really comfortable wearing it since the material is light and I think that it’s perfect for everyday wear during warm weather, or even in winter with cardigan on top.




The next is long T-shirt from Bershka. I fell in love with this T-shirt once I saw little pug drawings on it. There’s a few dog breads pictured on it but my favourite, by far, are the pugs. It’s light powdery pink colour and has folded sleeves. it comes to your mid tight but I suggest you wear leggings underneath it since it can rise quite high up and there’s a chance you will show your knickers. In summer you can wear it with shorts underneath. This long T-shirt will set you back for 10€.




H&M is probably a store where I always find something I like so much I have to buy it. That’s probably why a quarter of my closet is from H&M. I thought this crop top is so cute, I had to had it. Stripes reminded me of 80-es fashion and I could see myself wearing it with dungaree dress or high waisted jeans or shorts. There was a version of this top with thick green stripes and thin blue ones, basically they reversed the colours of them. It was 10€ but on the day I bought it there was a 20% discount for uni students so I got a very good deal on it.
After years of refusing to wear trousers that aren’t skinny jeans, I finally caved and bought boyfriend cut jeans. They are skinny but not as skinny that I usually wear. They’re ripped at the knees and they’re folded at the bottom, the waist is a bit higher so they’re perfect with a body or tucked in shirt and even a crop top. They’re also perfect for warm weather since you get your ankles out when wearing them.
I got them in New Yorker and they’re by the brand Fishbone and will set you back for 25€.
I love wearing bodies so it was only logical to get a simple black one once I spotted it in Terranova. I paid 10€ for it and there’s no doubt in my mind that I will wear it until it’s no longer wearable.
Like I said, it’s a simple black, short sleeved body with adjustable buttoning at the bottom. The back is a bit lower and you will probably want to wear a strapless bra underneath since the straps are visible.
I wore it the other day with my boyfriend jeans and I absolutely love that combination.
This is without a doubt the cutest T-shirt I own. I’m in love with pugs and can’t wait for the day I can actually get one. Until then I’m more than happy with anything with pugs on it. My roommate actually told me about this T-shirt and I went in a few New Yorker’s until I found one since they were sold out.
It’s by a brand Fishbone and it was only 5€.
I can’t tell you if there are any other colours of it since there were only 3 left when I was buying it.
This trousers look like you painted a wall or something while wearing them and got paint all over them and that’s the thing that has drawn me to them in the store. They’re by Tom Taylor Denim and they’re the most pricey thing in this haul but Tom Taylor is not really the cheapest brand so…. They were 45€ but to me, they’re definitely worth that money.
The jeans are skinny jeans with low waist and real pockets at the front what is rare these days. (Who else hates fake pockets?)
I didn’t buy this shirt myself, my mum got it for me but I love the model and she did get it for me a few weeks ago so I still decided to include it in this haul.
The shirt is by Charles Vögele and it was 28€. (she got it on sale so I’m not sure how much she paid for it but the brand website says 28)
The sleeves are cut right at the shoulders so it’s not really a short sleeved T-shirt. It’s a shade of grey and there are two flamingos on it. The material is really soft and I think that it looks perfect paired with some ripped blue or black jeans.
The last item in this haul (that I decided to share) are slip-on shoes. I got them in New Yorker as well and paid only 9€ for them. They’re the comfiest thing ever. I wore them on bare feet and they didn’t hurt my feet, not even a little bit. The bottom is not too thin so you don’t feel everything you walk on, I walked on gravel and didn’t feel it at all. Purchasing these was a great decision on my part and I will wear these until they fall apart or have holes at the bottom.
You can wear them with trousers, shorts or dresses and I think they’re amazing to have in warm weather.


These are not all the items I bought but some are very similar so I didn’t see a point of sharing them. Also since there’s so much makeup posts already, I decided not to include any new makeup products in this one. If you like any of these clothing items, I hope you will be lucky enough to be able to buy them, like I said, most of these are available online so all you need to do is go to the store’s web shop and find it among the sea of new clothes.

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored.