Face pamper time

Since I did quite a few makeup posts decided that it’s time to do a post about products that come after makeup. There’s a lot of great products for face care but I decided to only list my favourites.
After wearing makeup all day, I love to have a bit of a pamper evening with all kinds of face products so that my face skin can recover.

First thing when I come home after an entire day is to take my makeup off.


To remove eyeliner from my eyes I use Balea waterproof eye makeup remover. Balea is a DM’s (drugstore) brand and it’s really affordable.
The remover is on cotton  pads that are inside the container so you just pick one out and it’s ready to go. You can basically take all of your eye makeup off with just two swipes. There’s 50 of them in there so it will last you for about a month (at least that’s the case for me).






After I take my eye makeup off, I wash the rest of the makeup off of my face. For that I use Garnier Purifying foaming gel. I just put two pumps in my hand and rub it all over my face and then rinse it with warm water and dry my face with a towel.
I use the one with grape extract but there are some others available.
After using this, your skin will feel smooth and silky.







Cien is a brand that’s only available in Lidl since it’s their own brand.
I use their refreshing facial toner in the morning to remove oily bits from my face before putting makeup on.
The packaging is very practical because it has a pump on the top so you just press it with a cotton pad and it squeezes just the right amount you need to clear your face or refresh your skin.







Now this next thing is amazing to have if your skin is unclear and you have spots you want to get rid of asap.
It’s a Garnier 3in1 Pure Active wash/scrub/mask. I mostly use it like a scrub to get rid of tiny black spots that I get on my chin and nose. It has a soothing effect and your skin feels so much clearer after using it. It’s perfect to use before bed.







L’oreal Pure Clay mask is by far my favourite face mask.
It’s made with 3 different types of clay and there’s various types for different skin types. I use the one that mattifies your skin since my skin is oily on most days and I need something to dry it up a bit.
Once you put it on, you don’t have a feeling like you have a heavy mask on but one it dries you can hardly move your face.
The big plus side of this mask is that when I use it, for example, on a Sunday evening, my skin won’t be oily until Tuesday afternoon.




Eveline cosmetics has some great products for blemished skin. They have a collection of products called Pure control SOS that helps you with blemishes and spots. I only use the cream that’s supposed to be step 3 but I use other products for the first two steps.
This cream is amazing because it gives your skin a matte effect and at the same time helps your skin clear up.
If my skin is especially oily in the morning, I sometimes use it as a primer and my makeup lasts a bit longer without getting oily patches. But mostly, I use it before going to bed.





Whoever wears matte lipsticks or liquid lipsticks can tell you that they dry your lips up. Since I wear matte lipsticks on most days, my lips sometimes start peeling and that’s not a pretty sight. So I was very happy when I discovered Essence prettifying lip oil. After taking my lipstick off and doing my nighttime routine, I can’t go to bed without applying this oil to my lips because in the morning my lips will look like fish skin.
I believe this is my third lip oil because I go through one in like 4 months.
Once you apply it, you don’t have a feeling like you have something sticky on your lips.


If you’re in need of some new face care products for your pamper night, I hope this post helped you a bit and that you can somehow get ahold of the products that you like.

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored!