Spring makeup

Date on the calendar doesn’t say Spring quite yet but the weather is certainly spring weather (at least where I live). Since last week I did a post about what I wear on most days in Spring so I thought that today, I should share with you my favourite makeup for this time of the year. Spring makeup to me is a bit of light, pinky eyes with a touch of eyeliner and pink lips. Since I have quite a few pink lipsticks, I will only share two because this post would have 10000 words if I reviewed all of them.

Moisture Extreme 04 in 163 Fuchsia by Maybelline

This is vibrant pink lipstick. It’s by Maybelline and it will cost you 5.5€. The colour is strong and it will last a long time but if you intend to wear it all day, you will need to retouch it, especially after drinking and/or eating something. It’s easy to apply and you need only one coat for colour to be as it is in the tube. This collection of Maybelline lipsticks is a bit cheaper than their regular one and you still get an amazing lipstick for a great price.
I think that since this is a bold colour, you can wear it with pink/purple smokey eye and maybe a touch of eyeliner (if you want to be bothered with it).

Longlasting Lipstick in 13 Love Me by Essence

There’s probably at least one Essence lipstick in every makeup post I made but I don’t apologise because it’s an awesome and affordable brand and you can easily get ahold of it since it’s sold in almost every drugstore. This lipstick will set you back by 2.5€.
Unlike the previous lipstick, this one is in light pink colour and goes perfect with Spring theme. You will need to apply a few coats to your lips to get the most out of the colour but despite having a few coats on your lips, you won’t have a feeling like there’s a ton on your lips because the lipstick isn’t heavy. It dries off and then your lips have a bit of a matte finish. You will need to reapply it throughout the day but not that often that the tube would only last you a few times of using it.
I usually wear this lipstick with subtle but sparkly pink eye makeup and a bit of blush on my cheeks.

Iconic 3 eyeshadow palette by Makeup Revolution


This is without a doubt my favourite eyeshadow palette. It’s almost the same as Naked 3 palette but much cheaper. It’s priced at only 6€ and you can easily get it online.
This is the only palette where I use all shadows, not at the same time of course. I use some of them for special occasions, the rose gold for example. Others, I use in my everyday makeup look, especially during Spring since there’s pink undertone to most of them. You can create perfect smokey eyes look by using these or you can apply a shade and then apply eyeliner as well to make your eyes stand out a bit more.
You can wear pink, red or purple lipstick with it, even nude lipsticks can look good with certain shades.

Eyestudion ColourTattoo 24HR cream gel eyeshadow in 70 Metallic Pomegranate by Maybelline

I know this one looks brown when swatched but trust me, it’s a beautiful shiny purple colour. This single eyeshadow costs as a whole palette described before, 6€.
It’s a bit difficult to apply with a brush, so it’s best to use your fingers and then just blend it with a brush and I also suggest you put an eyeshadow base on before applying it. It’s a bit sticky but once it’s on your eyelid, it doesn’t feel sticky. You will have a bit of trouble with taking it off in the evening so I suggest you use removal for waterproof makeup. It is a bit harder to get it off but it will last you the whole day without smudging or wearing off, it will look the same after the entire day as it did in the morning when you applied it.
Again, perfect to wear with a purple or pink lips.

All About Pink Blush Palette by Makeup Revolution


This is a 6 blush palette with two beautiful highlighters. There’s 6 different shades of blushes, from light coloured ones to strongly pigmented pink ones. It’s a classic powdered blush palette and you need to be really careful if you decide to be brave and use the strong pink blushes because if you don’t tap your brush on the edge of the packaging and get the acces amount off, you will definitely end up looking like a clown or a very embarrassed person with really hot cheeks.
There’s a big mirror on the lid so it’s perfect to apply your makeup if you don’t have a big mirror at your disposal where you usually apply your makeup.
It’s priced at only 8.50€ and again you can easily get ahold of it online.

All About Cream Blush Palette by Makeup Revolution


I was very sceptical to try cream blush but once I opened this palette and put the first shade on the brush to apply, I realised that there was no room for my scepticism. Once I applied the chosen blush to my cheeks I was impressed with how easily that blended and how much easier it was to get the right amount then with the powdered blush I used until then. I feel in love with all the shades in this palette and since I got it, about a month ago, I’ve been constantly using it. This palette proved me that cream can be better than powdered blush and in this case, to me, it is.
The colours are not as intense as in the palette described before and you don’t need to be as careful not to look like a clown because even if you put a bit much on, you can easily blend it in. This palette has all 8 shadows being blush and no highlights but you can easily use every shadow, depending on your mood, skin tone or the look you’re going for.
This one is priced at 8.50€, the same as it’s powder sister and you can get this one online as well.


Disclaimer: This post isn’t sponsored.