Casual spring

Spring is a beautiful season and spring fashion is a nice change to the winter one. Although I love winter fashion and all the layers, once the spring comes, it’s nice to get rid of the said layers of clothes and wear lighter clothes. But one thing I can’t wait to wear once the cold is gone are definitely my beloved Converse. So today I decided to play a model for you again and I will show you some of my favourite combinations for spring that I mostly wear with one pair of converse from my collection. Of course, these combinations go well with flats as well so you can wear either.


I’m wearing:
Top –  Black t-shirt by Ann Christine(6€)
Bottom – Flower printed skirt by Clockhouse from C&A (20€)











I’m wearing:
Top – Polka dot body from H&M (10€)
Bottom – Jean dungarees from H&M (40€)











I’m wearing:
Top – White simple t-shirt by S.Oliver (20€)
Bottom – denim skirt with patches from H&M (30€)









I’m wearing:
Top: Polka dot crop top from Reserved (20€)
Bottom: High waisted trousers from Reserved (55€)










I’m wearing:
Top – Dark blue shirt with anchors from H&M (10€)
Bottom – Light washed jeans from Next (65€)










I’m wearing:
Top – Stripy dark blue dress from H&M (20€)









Hopefully this post helped you find a nice new combination you can wear this spring. Here it already feels like spring and that’s why I decided to do a spring fashion post on the last Sunday in February.

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored and all the items of clothingcan be found in my closet.