A year ago – Visiting Denmark

Last year on Valentine’s day I boarded the plane and flew to Denmark to visit a girl I met through Tumblr. I know you might judge me and think I’m crazy to go and visit someone I met online because it could’ve been an old man. In my defence I was texting her for almost two years before we met in person.
Anyway, since it’s been a year I decided to write a post about it in memory of an amazing week I spent in a beautiful country.

I landed in Billund at the airport near original Legoland. After that my friend came to pick me up and we went to her home town Aarhus that is about an hour and a half drive away. Since it was evening there wasn’t any sightseeing done that day but we still had 5 days to do that.

I want to say that we woke up bright and early the next day but that definitely wasn’t the case. After we got a good nights sleep we got ready and walked to the town’s centre.

Aarhus is a beautiful city and I really love my spent time there. There’s a lot of shops in the main street so you can find anything you’d like. I discovered the store called Tiger there and I’m so sad that it doesn’t exist where I live because you can find everything and anything there for really little money. To me the best shop, to me, was Frelsens where I bought chocolate powder to make the best and the most chocolaty hot chocolate. There’s also a lot of cute little cafe’s and restaurants on the banks of river Aarhus.
We visited their cathedral and it was different from any church I’ve ever been to. I come from town where almost all churches are built in rich baroque style and this one, although beautiful, didn’t have many ornaments or anything much going on.

One of the days when I was there, we decided to take a 4 hour bus drive to the capital, Copenhagen.

The day was sunny and for February, it was fairly warm. I ate the best ice cream outside Italy in Copenhagen in an old ice cream parlor.
We went to visit Glyptoteket to see all the statues from ancient times and paintings made by Danish artists. I’m fan of art so to see paintings made by less famous artists in a country where they lived and worked, was amazing.
After a bit of educational trip to the museum, we went to the famous Nyhavn. Nyhavn is a pictured on every post card of Copenhagen and Denmark because it’s something easily recognised for the colourful houses on each side of the water. Walking there on a sunny day is an amazing thing, there’s a lot of cafes as well so you can sit down, drink coffee or tea and enjoy the view.
Since we were in Copenhagen, we had to go and see where the queen lives. Now she doesn’t quite have guards serious as their British colleagues but they’re still quite serious and do their job well. The queen lives in a palace but we didn’t know which one since there’s 4 almost the same looking, surrounding the square.
We ended our day in Copenhagen around 5 in the afternoon after a bit of shopping, after all, we are girls and have to check out the shops when we visit somewhere.

Before I went home, my friend took me to the modern arts museum in Aarhus called Aros and I absolutely loved it, even more than the museum in Copenhagen. There’s a rainbow coloured ring on the roof of the museum and it’s a panoramic walk you can take so you see all of town in colours of the rainbow.
The museum has 9 floors and on each floor, there is a different exhibition. The one that I loved the most was called “The Next Chinese Dynasty”. There was an imitation of tigers skin made from thousands and thousands of cigarettes. One of the reasons I love modern art is to see the things artists use to create art. There were some pieces made from old car tires and another one made from empty bottles. We spent a few hours in Aros and walked a lot of stairs (not the best thing to do for someone with painful knee aka me) but I loved every second of it.

Food in Denmark is not much different to the food I eat at home but there was one thing they have that doesn’t exist anywhere else and that’s leverpostej. It’s a pate made from liver but they eat it warmed up in an oven on rye bread. I was sceptical of it but it turned out to be really good and I even bought it to take home and ‘bake it’ myself.

When the day to go home came, I was sad to leave but I was looking forward to seeing my family and telling the stories and showing pictures of Denmark to everyone. I got to the airport, went through security and headed to the duty free and to my surprise (it shouldn’t really surprised me though) next to the regular duty free with all the fragrances, candy, chocolates, alcohol and cigarettes was a Lego duty free shop.

My trip to Denmark was an amazing time, I saw places I never thought of visiting before and I hope I will get to visit it again in the future. I still talk to my friend every day via iMessages and we both hope that she will get to visit me in the summer.