Nude lips

I was going through my lipstick collection the other day and came to conclusion that my lipsticks can be sorted in 4 categories; reds, dark (mainly purple), pinks and nudes. So today I decided to write a post about nude lipsticks but since there’s a lot of them in my lipstick bag, I thought I would share with you the ones that cost less than 5€ and are affordable for every budget and every purse.
Makeup brand that has amazing affordable lipsticks with a lot of nudes in their collection is Essence but again, I chose a few of theirs to tell you a bit more.

1.ESSENCE – Velvet Matt in 23

Like I said, Essence has some amazing nude colours in their collections. The Velvet Matt collection is my favourite brought out by them. Like the name says, the colour has matte finish. It doesn’t feel heavy on the lips and it’s easy to apply even without lip liner. It doesn’t last that long but then again it won’t come off completely if you take a sip of coffee or eat a bagel. You will need to touch it up and re apply it a bit throughout the day but all in all, you get a great lipstick for only 2.5€.


2. MANHATTAN – Perfect Creamy & Care in 95L

This is the most expensive lipstick on this list and it will set you back for exactly 5€.
The colour of this lipstick is really light and when you’re wearing makeup, it looks like you have barely anything on your lips. And for that reason, I love it. I think this lipstick is perfect if you’re going for a more casual vibe and barely there makeup look or if you don’t want to leave your lips bare but again, you don’t want to point them up with some strong colour.
It doesn’t have matte finish and it doesn’t feel heavy on the lips. You might need to touch it up a bit but in general it doesn’t fade easily through the day.


3. ESSENCE – Long Lasting Lipstick in 05, Cool Nude

Essence, again, but I already warned you that there are quite a few of theirs on this list.
Great lipstick, there’s a hint of pink in the colour but the colour still looks very natural. It’s perfect for winter or spring because of that hint of pink pigment. You can wear it with nude eye makeup or with light shades of pink and even purple or rose gold.
Easy to apply, doesn’t feel heavy and it doesn’t need many coats to look like it should. Again, you will need to touch it up if you plan to wear it entire day but for the price of 2.5€ you can’t expect to get a perfect lipstick.


4. EVELINE COSMETICS – Aqua Platinum in 430

This is one great lipstick for great price at only 2.5€. The best thing about this lipstick is that it’s waterproof so you can easily take it to the beach or pool with you and not worry about looking like a mess.
The colour is a bit darker than the previously mentioned lipsticks. Again, it’s a perfect lipstick for a casual look but it looks amazing with full makeup for a night out as well.
With only one coat you can get the full effect and colour of this lipstick and in my book that’s amazing and wins a lipstick a lot of points. I thought that the feel on the lips will be heavy since it’s waterproof but that’s not the case, you can barely feel that you applied lipstick.


5. ESSENCE – Long Lasting Lipstick in 06, Barely There!

There’s a hint of some earth tones in the colour but a shade of pink as well. Perfect colour for every occasion and every makeup look. I don’t really have anything new to say about the lipstick itself since the previous Essence one is from the same collection. It feels light and if you intend to wear it all day, keep it in your bag (or pocket) so you can touch it up.


6. WET N WILD – E913C in Sand Storm

Wet n Wild are probably my favourite lipsticks, after Rimmel ones of course. They last all day without any problems and the colour doesn’t even fade much.
This one has some earthy tones in it and it’s perfect with some brown/nude eye makeup. The colour is really similar to NYX Liquid Suede one that’s called Sandstorm as well. So if you’re looking for a cheaper version of NYX one, you found it because this one will set you back by only 3€.
It’s maybe a bit harder to apply than the rest since this one is a bit more consistent and comes off a bit more difficult. One coat is definitely enough to last you all day without the need to touch it up and fix it.


Disclaimer:  This post isn’t sponsored.