Casual spring

Spring is a beautiful season and spring fashion is a nice change to the winter one. Although I love winter fashion and all the layers, once the spring comes, it's nice to get rid of the said layers of clothes and wear lighter clothes. But one thing I can't wait to wear once the cold … Continue reading Casual spring


Nude lips

I was going through my lipstick collection the other day and came to conclusion that my lipsticks can be sorted in 4 categories; reds, dark (mainly purple), pinks and nudes. So today I decided to write a post about nude lipsticks but since there's a lot of them in my lipstick bag, I thought I … Continue reading Nude lips

Movie night

When it's cold outside and it's raining or even snowing, the best place to spend time is inside, in front of telly with your friends or/and family. And what a better thing to do than to have a movie night with lots of movies and popcorn or other yummy snacks and foods. Today, I will … Continue reading Movie night