Amusement parks

If you’re a fan of roller coasters like me or you just want to have a fun day with your family and/or friends, you might find this post interesting. I will list 5 amusement parks in Europe (Italy and Germany) that I’ve been to and absolutely loved. My family had a tradition for some years now to go to one amusement park every year at the end of June when the school year finishes and to be honest the memories made there are some of my favourite family memories.
So if you love to travel and you’re searching for your next adventure sit back and hopefully this post will give you some ideas and places to go.


Price: 1 day adult ticket = 37 €

Location: Near Verona, Italy

I visited Gardaland twice and my suggestion is: if you can, don’t go on a Saturday because you will spend most of the day waiting in line.
Gardaland has something for everyone, there’s attractions for children but also there’s a lot of attractions for adrenaline junkies and roller coaster lovers.


Price: 1 day adult ticket = 44.50 €

Location: Günzburg, Germany (but there are also ones in Denmark, Britain and USA)

Legoland is great family park, especially for families with children under 15. There’s only one adrenaline junkie attraction and the other ones are still amazing but more suitable for children. There’s also ‘Miniland’ where world’s attractions are recreated in lego blocks.


Price: 1 day adult ticket = 29.50 €, 2 days ticket = 34 €

Location: Geiselwind, Germany

Freizeit-land translated literally means free time land. There are a few really good rides and a great 4D cinema where you’re riding a roller coaster through space and it feels so real it’s crazy. The most famous roller coaster in the park is called Boomerang and it’s featured in Guinness World Records book because one man rode it for days.


Price: 2 days adult ticket = 35.90 € + 15.90 € for the beach part

Location: Near Ravenna, Italy

Mirabilandia was paradise, especially the beach part with water slides. There’s roller coaster called iSpeed and it’s the fastest roller coaster in Europe. Most of the rides are for people who enjoy roller coasters and adrenaline rushes. There are few water attractions that make it impossible to stay dry.

heide-parkHEIDE PARK

Price: 1 day adult ticket = 30 €, 2 days adult ticket = 45 €

Location: Soltau, Germany

Heide park is the best one out of the 5 because there’s the most rides and most of them are pretty cool roller coasters. Beside roller coasters there are stands where you can play fair games and win stuffed animals. The most interesting roller coaster is called Krake and it’s an imitation of Kraken from Pirates of the Caribbean.


If you plan a trip to one of these parks, I hope you will have the time of your life. And if you’ve visited one of them, I hope you had as much fun and that you have amazing memories like myself. Also if you know a great amusement park and you think I should visit it and make a future blog post about it, feel free to message me.

Disclaimer: All of the photos are from my private album and ticket prices are taken from official websites for each park.