Dressy winter

It’s January which means it’s winter time in my part of the world. Winter fashion is probably my favourite because you can wear a lot of articles of clothing and pull it off since it’s cold and winter. Hats, beanies, pom pom hats, scarves and leg warmers are by far my favourite accessories for winter time. I love tunics, dresses and skirts combined with tights and boots. Today I decided to share my favourite combinations for this winter with you.

I’m wearing:
Black and white dress from OVS (35€) with black tights







I’m wearing:
Dark blue dress with light blue details from Springfield (45€) with nude tights









I’m wearing:
Black dress with tiny flower pattern from children’s section from H&M (20€) with thick black tights








I’m wearing:
Grey Dungaree dress from tom Taylor Denim (65€) and basic black T-shirt from H&M (10€) with black tights







I’m wearing:
Blue skater dress from H&M (10€) and light pink tights









I’m wearing:
Maroon skater dress from H&M (10€) and purple light jumper from Tom Taylor (30€) with thick black tights









Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored.