Tea Time

I love drinking tea. I’m a massive fan of British tea companies. For good box of tea bag, I sometimes, spend a bit more than I should. To me tea time can be any time of the day, even in summer when it’s hot outside I like to make myself a cup of tea. A lot of people say that tea has calming and soothing effects so I think that a cup of tea is perfect for some down time. You just have to be careful with tea because a cup of tea has, actually, more caffeine than a cup of black coffee so if you can’t sleep don’t drink tea, there’s a big possibility that it will keep you awake.

Today, I want to share some of my favourite kinds and brands of tea and like usually, I will list them in this post so let’s start.

First is my absolutely favourite tea: Vanilla Tea from Twinings.
Twinings is a british company who make amazing tea. Their teas are a bit on the pricey side but they’re tasty.

I tried a lot of Vanilla flavoured teas but this one is the best. It tastes the best and you can really taste the vanilla. It’s a bit sweet and the tea is not too strong.


This one is also Vanilla flavoured tea but by a brand Teekanne.
Teekanne is German company and this is the first and for now (but not long) the only tea I tried from them.

This one tastes great but Twinings is still my favourite. The vanilla flavour is not as strong and tea is a bit bitter so you need to put a bit more sugar in it.


Again a british tea made by a british company.
English Breakfast is a classic english tea that whole world drinks and loves.

This tea is a blend of green and black tea.
It’s not too strong and you don’t need to keep the bag in the water for long for tea to be great. I drink it with a bit of sugar and a dash of milk.



English Breakfast again but this time by a different brand, again a british one. To be honest it feels weird to drink a tea called English Breakfast that is not made by a british company.

This one is a bit stronger than the previous one and if you like mild or weak tea then don’t hold the tea bag in the water for more than a minute or two. Again I drink it with milk, most of the time, and I think that milk completes the flavour of the tea.
This one is the last English Breakfast, I promise. Of all the brands that I mentioned before who make English Breakfast, this one is my favourite, maybe because it was the first one I drank so it just stuck with me.

Again, a strong tea and I buy the medium flavour so I don’t know how strong the strong one is. Amazing tea, great flavour and it doesn’t need a lot of soaking to taste great.


Twinings again but this time the tea is called Prince of Wales.

This tea is once again a blend of different kinds of teas. It has more notes  of black tea then green tea.

I bought the light version and in my opinion it’s perfect. You need just a bit of sugar and you have yourself a perfect cup of tea for cold days.


Earl Grey by Sir Winston Tea, again british tea.
It’s not on the pricey side but it’s not cheap either, it’s just there in the middle with most tea brands.

This tea is a bit more bitter then the previous ones and if you leave the tea bag to soak for a while you will have a strong tea that needs a lot of sugar. I like it because it’s strong and you can taste the black tea leaves in it. But like I said it’s bitter so if you don’t like strong and/or bitter tea, this one is not for you.

This tea is from the store called Müller by their own brand. It’s a German store so I think that the tea is made in Germany as well. It’s a seasonal tea and it’s called Winter tea.

It has a dash of cinnamon in it and you can taste the apple and a bit of orange so this tea is literally winter in a cup. Because of the fruit, the tea is a bit sweet and maybe a bit weak so you need to leave the tea bag to soak for a bit longer than usual. All in all, amazing tea, great price.

This tea is called The Summer night Star and it’s by brand Lord Nelson that you can find in Lidl shops. Again it’s made in Germany since it’s made for a german shop.

It tastes like vanilla and blackcurrant. It takes 2 to 5 minutes for it to be ready to drink, depending on your preferences. It doesn’t need a lot of sugar for it to be sweet. Again an amazing tea that you can get really cheap.


The last tea is also a Twinings tea, since I started with this brand, I will finish with it as well. It’s a Four Red Fruits Tea. Again, it’s a bit on the pricey side.

The tea tastes mostly like raspberries and strawberries and since it’s made from four fruits, it’s expected to be very fruity but you can also taste the tea leaves in it. The tea bag needs a bit more soaking but not a lot of sugar for the taste to be complete.


If you’re a tea lover like me and you can’t imagine your days without a cup of one, especially now in the winter, I hope that you discovered a new flavour or brand in this post, if you’d like you can tweet me (click the Twitter sign at the bottom of the page and it will direct you to my Twitter profile) your favourite tea or a brand or/and flavour you think I should try.