Christmas jumpers

Besides red lipsticks, my must have at Christmas time and throughout December are Christmas jumpers. Some people call them tacky or ugly but I love them. Some of them are tacky, true, but at Christmas time that’s allowed.

This year there’s so many designs that are available in the shops that every time I enter a clothes shop, my credit card begs me crying not to purchase them all. Jokes aside, there is a nice selection this year, although there are a lot of them with funny puns instead of simple drawing or a picture of Santa and/or elves and reindeers on it. I’m more of a fan of classic Christmas jumpers, simple lettering and maybe even funny thing written on it but puns are not my favourite.

In this post I will show you 6 of my favourite jumpers, so let’s get started.

This first one, I got in shop called Terranova and it’s by their own brand. It set me back by 20 euros.

It has a little fox wearing a hat on it while it’s snowing all around. It’s nice and warm and it’s not scratchy like some of the wool jumpers.

You can wear it with skirts or trousers and it looks really good with either.





This next one doesn’t necessarily need to be a Christmas jumper but it’s still a jumper so it’s perfect for cold winter days or evenings.I got it in H&M and it was 25 euros.

It’s got a geometric pattern on it and it’s in white/grey colour. It doesn’t scratch your skin and it’s not itchy when you wear it. The only flaw is that it leaves a bit of lint on your trousers or coat, which is noticeable especially if you’re wearing black trousers.

Again, you can wear it with trousers or skirts. I love to wear it with a high waisted skater skirt.


This one is the only one with a “slogan” on it. I thought it was funny when I bought it because it’s pointing out the obvious. I purchased it at Ann Christine for 20 euros.

It’s a black jumper with white letters that say “It’s a sweater” in Christmasy font. It’s big and really cozy because you can wrap your hands in the sleeves and you’re really warm then so this jumper is perfect for cold evenings in front of the telly or just casually hanging out with your friends.

In my opinion this goes best with some leggings and warm boots.


This one, again, is from Terranova by their own brand. It’s from the same collection as the blue one and it was 20 euros as well.

This one is red and has a little bunny wrapped up in a scarf and wearing blue Christmas hat on it. It says Brrr on the bottom so it’s perfect when it’s freezing outside.

I usually wear it with jeans or faux leather trousers and it looks amazing.




This one is giving a 90’s vibe to me. It reminds me of a jumper that someone would wear on their skiing trip. This one was a bit more pricey at 40 euros and I got it from Tom Taylor.

It’s a turtle neck blue and white jumper.It’s really thick and there for, really warm. Like I already said, the pattern and turtle neck remind me of people in 90’s movies going skiing.

The perfect combination with this jumper, to me, are some black or dark blue leggings and knee high warm boots (or if you like them you can wear uggs).



This last one is probably my favourite ever. I got it in New Yorker by brand Fish Bone for only 15 euros.

It’s a black thick jumper with a reindeer’s face on it. Reindeer’s antlers are made with silver tinsel that people often put on their Christmas trees and the nose is made with red tinsel so I assume that the reindeer is Rudolph.

I plan to wear this jumper on Christmas day with a burgundy velour skirt. But other than that I think this jumper would look perfect with blue, grey or black jeans.