Perfect outfits for New Years Eve

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!! I honestly can’t believe it’s Christmas day already. I hope you all had/ are having an amazing Christmas, eating yummy food, great puddings and even better cakes. Since today it’s Christmas that means that in a week it will be a new year so I decided to make a post with perfect outfits to wear for New Years Eve party. If you … Continue reading Perfect outfits for New Years Eve

10 Christmas movies

It’s no secret I’m a massive Christmas lover, with that said I absolutely love watching Christmas movies. I watch them all year and not just at Christmas time. There’s a lot of great Christmas movies out but I somehow managed to make a list of 10 that I think are the best ones. I can’t imagine a Christmas without watching all of these at least … Continue reading 10 Christmas movies

Christmas jumpers

Besides red lipsticks, my must have at Christmas time and throughout December are Christmas jumpers. Some people call them tacky or ugly but I love them. Some of them are tacky, true, but at Christmas time that’s allowed. This year there’s so many designs that are available in the shops that every time I enter a clothes shop, my credit card begs me crying not … Continue reading Christmas jumpers