Christmasy reds

I’m one of those people who can’t wait for Christmas and starts to listen to Christmas music at the end of August. When it comes to Christmas fashion there’s two things I have to have and that I wear all through December. First one is Christmas jumpers and the second one is red lipstick because everyone can make a connection between the colour red and Christmas. My collection of red lipsticks is a bit insane but I chose 8 that I wanted to put in this post because they’re simply perfect for December and Christmas.

1. VIVID MATTE LIQUID in 35 Rebel Red by Maybelline

This liquid lipstick is in classical red colour. It’s nice and creamy and not liquidy at all unlike some other liquid lipsticks. It has a matte finish and it feels really nice and light on your lips. It doesn’t smudge throughout the day which is not common with red lipsticks. You don’t need to use a lip liner with it but you can for easier application.
The price is not too high at 8 euros.
To me this is a perfect lipstick for a Christmas day.









2. MEGA STAY LIPSTICK in 02 cherry pie by LOOK by Bipa


This one was a big surprise. When I tried it on my hand in the store I never expected a lipstick for 3.5 euros by drugstore brand to be this good.
It’s nice dark red colour. It’s easy to apply since it’s in a shape of a pen. The feel on the lips is not to heavy and it has a nice matte finish. It doesn’t fade through the day and you don’t “eat” it off while eating. At the end of the day, after taking it off, your lips will still be a bit red.









3. LASTING FINISH BY KATE in 51 Muse Red, limited edition by Rimmel


My obsession with Rimmel at it’s best once again. I was looking for this lipstick for months and finally found it when I went abroad.
I would describe this colour as typical Christmas red. Once the lipstick dries it has a nice light feel on the lips and you don’t need to apply much for colour to look perfect. It doesn’t smudge, of course the lipstick mark will stay on the rim of your mug or glass but the lipstick will still look intact. The colour lasts for hours without need of reapplying it.
Since this was limited edition it set me back 8 euros.








4. LASTING FINISH BY KATE in 01 by Rimmel


Rimmel once again. This one is definitely one of my favourite lipsticks ever.
This one is, again, a dark red one. It has a nice feel on your lips, not too heavy but it’s not too light either. You don’t need to apply million coats for it too look it’s best. Just like the one before it doesn’t smudge and it doesn’t need to be reapplied too many times throughout the day.
I think that this one is perfect for a Christmas party.
If you want to buy it, it will cost you 7 euros.








5. MATTE LIPSTICK in E910D Red Velvet by Wet n Wild


I love Wet n WIld lipsticks because you get a really great quality for very little money because it only costs 3 euros.
The colour is a vibrant red colour and it lasts really long. It doesn’t smudge and you don’t need to use the lip liner for it to look good on the lips.
It doesn’t feel heavy on the lips and one coat is enough for it to last hours if not the entire day.










6. MATTE LIPSTICK in 02 All You Need is Red by Essence


I got this lipstick last year for Christmas, it was a part of the Christmas counter. The colour is vibrant red as well.
It’s not as long lasting as the rest of the lipsticks in this post but it still looks amazing and last for a decent time. You might need a few more coats and you need to use a lip liner to prevent it from smudging every time you take a sip from you mug.
The finish is matte but it’s still a bit shiny. It’s not light nor heavy on the lips.
All in all for a price of 2.5 euros you get a good lipstick.








7. ULTIMATE COLOUR in 360 Mattraction by Catrice


This one has a really nice matt effect. It doesn’t have to dry to be matte. Maybe it’s a bit harder to apply it because it’s like an oil pastel.
The colour is darker red with a bit of a dark pink undertone.
It can be used without a lip liner but if you intend to wear it all day long then I suggest you use a lip liner. It smudges a bit but nothing too serious.
This one is priced at 5.5 euros.









8. FLIPSTICK COLOUR EFFECT in 25 Salsa Red by Max Factor


This is actually a double sided lipstick. One side is red and the other one is pink, so you get two lipsticks in one. I will only describe the red one.
It’s a nice and creamy lipstick that feels really light on your lips.
The red is a nice vibrant red colour.
Unlike all of the lipsticks above this one doesn’t have a matte finish. It’s a bit shiny but it’s not sticky like some shiny lipsticks.
This one is the priciest of all the lipsticks and it will set you back by 12 euros.








Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored by any of the makeup brands and companies mentioned above.