Foundations for under 10€ – review

I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m kind of a makeup junkie. I can rarely walk out of the drugstore without purchasing at least a lipstick or nail polish so my makeup bag is ready to pop. With that said, you can probably imagine that there’s a lot of different brands and shades of the same makeup product.

Today, I wanted to review some of the foundations that can be found in my makeup bag. I know how hard it can be to find a perfect foundation, especially if you have a certain budget you have to stay within. I will list 6 foundations from different brands and all of them are priced under 10€. I won’t write shades that the foundations are because not all of us have the same skin tone and can’t use the same foundation colour.

1.MATCH PERFECTION by Rimmel, 10€

Rimmel is without a doubt my favourite makeup brand. This is my ‘winter’ foundation. I say winter because it’s a bit lighter than the one I use in summer.

The price is affordable at exactly 10€ and it can be found in most drugstores.

The applicator is a small pump that you just squeeze to get the foundation out.

image7The consistency is really good and it’s easy to apply, especially if you’re using a beauty blender or a sponge.
Coverage is amazing and it doesn’t take a lot of time to blend it in. It also lasts long, even if your skin is a bit oily.


2. HD LIQUID COVERAGE by Catrice, 7.5€
This particular foundation has been my favourite ever since I purchased it two weeks ago. I barely used any other foundation in these past two weeks.

At the price of 7.5€, I think that this foundation is a real bargain. Again it can be found in most if not every drugstore.

The applicator is a small dropper. You have to squeeze it to take the foundation out and then you just drop it on your hand or face.

image8This foundation is mattefying so it literally feels like a second skin once you apply it. It blends really easily and you don’t need to use a lot. The coverage is amazing and it lasts all day, no matter the skin type. It looks really good even if you don’t use the powder as a finishing touch.


3. STAY ALL DAY 16H by Essence, 4.5€

I got this one from my friend and she took the lightest shade there was. Too be honest I’m not thrilled with it. It has an orange undertone and I have to blend it with light shaded concealer not to look like an orange.

It is really cheap at the price of only 4.5€ and it can be found everywhere, even in some supermarkets.

Applicator is a small pump that you just need to squeeze.

image9The consistency is good but like I already said it has an orange undertone and it’s very likely that you will have to mix it with something lighter.
It takes a while to blend but once it’s blended in, it has a decent coverage. All in all, for the price you pay, you get an alright foundation, not the best but still good.


4. ENDLESS STAY MAKE-UP by Manhattan, 8€

This was my first ever foundation and I still like to use it, of course not the exact same package, this is my third or fourth one.

Unfortunately this brand is no longer available in my country so I hope I will be able to restock it once it’s done.

It’s in a tube like a hand creme and that’s exactly how you apply it, you just squeeze it out.

image10This one is a bit more liquid than the ones before so you have to be careful with the amount you plan to apply. It’s easy to blend and it looks good once it’s blended in. For blending is best to use a brush, not a sponge like with the others.


5. AFFINITONE by Maybelline, 6€

I bought this one because everyone around me said that it’s a great foundation so I wanted to see it for myself.

The price is not too high and it’s often on sale, at least in drugstores here.

The packaging is, again, like a one of a hand cream and you just squeeze it to apply.

image11The consistency is nice, it’s a bit liquidy but not too much.
Application is easy and blending is easy as well. It blends in well. The coverage is not the best too be honest and I was a bit disappointed with it after all the good things I heard but maybe that’s just me.


6. BB CREAM by Garnier, 8€

I know this is technically not a foundation but it is used as one. It’s perfect if you’re in a hurry or if you just want to make your skin not looking crappy.

This can usually be found on the shelves where face treatments, micellar waters and face creams are. You can find it in most supermarkets as well as drugstores.


It’s thick like any other facial cream and you can easily blend it in with your fingers. It gives your skin a nice touch so you don’t need to use a powder for a finishing touch. BB cream in general is great for your skin and this particular one is my favourite because you can use it like a normal face cream and foundation as well.


Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored by any of the makeup brands mentioned.