Tattoos have been present for centuries, they were a part of spiritual ceremonies, in some countries they still are, but today mostly they are considered either a body art or a taboo. To me tattoos are art because it takes time and skill to learn how to do them. I love the Hindu wedding tradition of decorating bride’s hands (and sometimes feet) with henna tattoos. It’s been their custom for centuries and the fact that they’re still doing it nowadays, makes it even more special.

Permanent tattoos are a big deal because like everyone says to you when you say you want one is “They’ll be there forever so you better think that one through!”, at least that’s what most people said to me. And it’s true, if you want a tattoo, you have to think about it really hard and ask yourself if you’ll still want that same tattoo in a few years. If you come to a conclusion that you do want something on your body forever, well, then get it done. You also have to think about the place where you want it and how painful it could be. If you google painful tattoo areas, you get a map of your body with colours for certain amount of pain. Also you need to take into consideration if the tattoo can’t be on a visible spot because of your job.

I have two tattoos and before I got my first one done, I wanted it for two years so I was sure I won’t regret it.

The feather tattoo was my first one. I got it when I was 17 and my mum had to go to the tattoo salon with me because if you’re under 18, you can’t get a tattoo done without your parent present. When I look at my right wrist, where the tattoo is, I still think how pretty it is and how I’m glad I got it done.

The first day I came to my secondary school with the tattoo, some of my classmates said that I’m crazy, some didn’t believe it was real and some thought it was cool.
I was the first one in my class to have a real tattoo so I guess I expected those reactions.




The second one, my brother considers to be two tattoos and not one. Anyway I got it done a few months ago and it’s on my ribs. Now ribs are one of the most painful areas to get a tattoo done. It took 45 minutes to get it done and since I have high pain tolerance I almost didn’t feel any pain. Some people cry out of pain when they’re getting a tattoo on their ribs.

This tattoo is only visible when I’m not wearing a shirt and when I was at the beach this summer in a bikini, some people were shaking their heads at it and commented it. Basically they were judging me and my choice of having a tattoo.

Can tattoos be considered an accessory though? I say they can, especially if you have it in a spot that is visible, like your wrist, or the back of your neck or even by your ear. As long as it’s tasteful and not too big, a tattoo can be an accessory.

People who have tattoos say that once you get your first one done, you get addicted to them and I have to agree. After my first one, I immediately knew that I want more. It did take me two years to get another one done but once I did it, I already started thinking about the next one and hopefully, this time, it won’t take me two years to do it.

A lot of celebrities have tattoos and they’re on display for a whole world to judge, and most people do. Everyone should have a say and have freedom to do with their body as they wish so judging someone’s choice in tattoos is not alright, no matter if they’re famous or someone you see on the street. Maybe there’s a reason or a memory behind a tattoo you consider silly and that tattoo can mean a lot to someone or maybe they just liked it so they got it done.

If you want to get a tattoo but you’re scared, it’s alright. Wait a little longer, think it over once again and if you really, really want to do it, then make an appointment and go get it done but don’t take any pills or drink alcohol because you’re putting yourself in danger because a bit of bleeding is normal but if you have alcohol in your system it can be severe. Also if you’re afraid of any diseases that can be carried this way, my advice is to ask around about the salon where you plan to go, do your research and when you come there for your appointment watch the person in charge of your tattoo and how he/she does things. They have to take the needle out of plastic in front of you and they have to sterilise the machine in front of you as well. They also have to rub a bit of medical alcohol on the spot where you’ll be getting the tattoo done. If all this is done, you have no reason to be worried about getting sick over time. Also have in mind that after you get the tattoo done, you can’t be a blood donor for 6 months to a year and also you can’t get shots for certain things.

So yeah if you don’t have a tattoo and you want one, think about it and you have some things to take into consideration before actually going through with it. Also there is the financial matter but that varies from country to country so I won’t talk about that. I would like to hear about your tattoos and your experiences, of course if you have any, if not you and you want one and have questions you can go under contact and message me and I’ll try to answer any question you have.