The Best Candy

I think that everyone loves candy, no matter if it contains chocolate or not, well chocolate only makes it better. I personally, absolutely love  candies and chocolates. Here are some that I consider being the best.


I only tried these yesterday but I immediately fell in love with them. They go great with some hot chocolate and whipped cream. It tastes amazing. They’re mini marshmallows but Haribo people called them “Chamallows mix” and they’re pastel colours and extremely cute.





Now, Smarties have been my favourite ever since I’ve been little. I prefer them to M&M’s. Smarties are basically pure chocolate so that’s probably why I’m slightly obsessed with them and could eat the whole tube of them (or a bucket).






I think that everyone, who has try it, loves Kit Kat. It’s a crunchy chocolate wafer and that’s all you need. It’s perfect for a snack, after all their slogan is “Take a break, have a Kit Kat”. They said it all.






This chewy candy is made by a German brand Fritt. There are various flavours like orange, lemon, apple, forest fruit and cherry. My favourite are forest fruit or cherry ones. It does stick to your teeth a bit but nothing serious. There’s six packs in one packaging and they don’t cost much.





I’m a major Milch-Schnitte fan, especially of the milk filling. This candy is perfect for babies as well because it’s soft so they can eat it with ease. Plus it contains honey so it’s good for you (at least that’s what I tell myself).






One more Kinder product. I know it’s called Kinder Chocolate which means children’s chocolate but it’s too tasty not to eat it even when you’re 20 years old or more. I believe that I’ll eat this chocolate with my grandchildren in the future because I love it too much to stop eating it just because it has the word kinder in it’s name.





Gummy mini burgers are the best burgers in the world, to me at least. This candy not only that is yummy but it reminds me of my years in primary school because sometimes when someone had a birthday they bought these for the whole class.
They’re still perfect for a party, just put them in a bowl and trust me, all of your friends will love you for it.




These are relatively new. It’s crushed Digestives tea biscuits coated in chocolate. My favourite are the ones coated in dark chocolate but there’s also milk chocolate, caramel and double chocolate ones. Perfect for a snack, especially if you’re watching Great British Bake Off or any other cooking program and need a snack.




I know, I know it’s only the middle of October and here I am, posting Christmas chocolate lollies. When I saw them at the store I couldn’t help myself, I had to buy them. Since I’m a big Christmas and chocolate lolly fan there was no doubt that they’re coming home with me.
My grandma always gets a packet each for me and my brother at Christmas time and they’re always gone by the next day. Best chocolate candy at that time of year after, of course, advent calendar.