My Autumn necessarities

Now that the Autumn is finally here and it got cold outside, I want to share my must haves for this time of the year with you. I love Autumn, just because it gets cold but not too cold so that you have to stay inside all day, and I’m not going to lie, I love when it rains and I’m cuddled up in a blanket with my cup of tea and favourite songs playing.

Like I said, when it’s raining outside, I like to stay indoors and relax. There’s a few things that I always use when I want to get cozy and warm. So let me list them for you.

First, I usually light a scented candle so that my room will smell nice. Also the candle gives me that cozy feeling when it gets dark and cold outside.

I picked up this candle in a local drugstore and it’s an Air Wick one. They called it “Cozy by the fire” and I love it because it smells like firewood, orange and cinnamon. To me it smells really autumny.






Next, I make myself a cup of tea. My cozy time tea is definitely, Twinings’ Vanilla Tea. Now this box of tea bags is a bit on the pricy side but it’s my favourite.

So box (or a few) of Twinings’ Vanilla tea is my must have for when it get’s cold.


You can’t really get warm or cozy, well I can’t, without a blanket. My favourite blanket to cuddle up to is a fuzzy red blanket. It’s by a brand called Vitapur and it’s by far the best blanket I own for the cold weather. It’s fuzzy on the inside but suade on the outside so it helps to keep you really warm.




Once the candle is light, I’m under a blanket with a cup of hot tea in my hands I go to my music library and play two albums, both by the same artist. My favourite singer of all time is Ed Sheeran so naturally I play his albums, but I also play his songs because most of them are really nice ballads perfect for some down time.

Now that you probably think that all I do every day is cuddle up in bed when it’s cold (I only do it on most weekend evenings, alright?), I have to list my must haves for actually going outside. I love Autumn and Winter fashion a lot more than Summer or Spring fashion. I love to wear cardigans, tights, boots and scarfs and since we experience all seasons I can’t wear those all year around.


My first item of clothing, that I usually can’t wait to wear, is a leather jacket. I have two, one more thicker than the other but neither thick enough for Winter.

This one is brown and a bit thicker. I bought it in Bershka for 45 euros and it’s perfect for crisp mornings. It also had fake fur around the collar but I took it off.






In Autumn I live in jumpers most of the time. In my closet there’s a variation of jumpers, from cotton to wool ones. As long as I’m warm and cozy in them, I don’t care what they’re made off.

I’ve had this one for about two years and I don’t really remember where I got it from.
It’s one of my favourite because of Mickey Mouse on the front.







And the last thing I basically live in (when I’m not in a jumper) and rarely leave the house without is scarfs. I love the round ones that are made from one piece of fabric sewed together so it’s easier to wrap it around your neck.

I usually wear them like an accessory over a black or white t-shirt. Not that it only looks pretty but it also keeps you warm.



There’s a few more things I love about Autumn and that’s colourful leaves on the ground and eating roasted chestnuts. There’s also change in the colours of makeup that I use, in compare to Summer. But I already made a post about lipstick colours so I won’t talk about it again now.