Hi, first I would like to apologise for lack of a post last Sunday but I had too much UNI work and studying to do last weekend to worry about a blog post, I hope you'll understand. Now, let's start today's post. I decided to share my playlist for when I'm felling low and/or sad, … Continue reading Playlist


The Best Candy

I think that everyone loves candy, no matter if it contains chocolate or not, well chocolate only makes it better. I personally, absolutely love ┬ácandies and chocolates. Here are some that I consider being the best. I only tried these yesterday but I immediately fell in love with them. They go great with some hot … Continue reading The Best Candy

Nutella Cupcakes

I decided to make Nutella cupcakes and share the recipe with you because everyone likes chocolate. For cupcake mixture you will need: 270g of self rising flour 200g of caster sugar 100g of margarine or unsalted butter 5 table spoons of milk 180g of plain yogurt (small cup from the supermarket) 5 table spoons of … Continue reading Nutella Cupcakes