Best (drugstore) lipsticks for Autumn

I went into my local drugstore called DM (Drogerie Markt) a couple of times and got some great lipsticks that I think are perfect colour for upcoming season – Autumn. Since this is a post about lipsticks bought in a drugstore they’re really affordable for every pocket or wallet. Like I said these weren’t bought on only one occasion and some of them have been my favourites for a long while.

To me the perfect colours for Autumn in general, when it comes to makeup are the colours that are seen in the nature in that season, like orange, maroon, brown and some shades of red. I’m not so fond of the colour yellow when it comes to makeup so there’s no yellow in my makeup drawer, apart of the colour of my mascara packaging. Let’s start, shall we?

First is one of my favourite brands and a new addition to my lipstick collection.
Rimmel, Lasting Finish by Kate number 12


The lipstick is in the colour orange but it’s not too orange. The orange is more like a leaf orange and not pumpkin orange. You don’t need to apply a lot of coats for colour to look really good and it doesn’t feel heavy on your lips nor does it peel off. It looks really nice on the lips and it lasts really long, even if you go for a coffee, true, there is a bit of lipstick on your mug but colour on your lips looks intact.  This lipstick costs about 6.5 euros and I would say the money is well spent.

Next is an American brand that makes amazing lipsticks and you can get them for very little money.
Wet n Wild, E917B in colour Cinnamon Spice


This lipstick is really nice brown colour. The colour reminds me of an earth brown. It’s really long lasting and waterproof. If you put it on in the morning, you don’t have to worry about it lasting the entire day. Again, it doesn’t feel heavy on the lips and applying one coat is enough for the entire day. This particular lipstick has been my favourite for about three years now and I wear it most of the season of Autumn. The lipstick is cheap, it will set you back 3 euros.

There is one more lipstick colour from the same brand that I fell in love the first I smeared the tester on my hand.
Wet n Wild, E916D in colour Ravin’ Rasin


The colour of this lipstick is maroon, purplish colour. Like the previous lipstick of this brand, this one is extremely long lasting, doesn’t peel nor does it take a lot of coats to look amazing. I love this particular colour because it looks amazing on any lips and goes well with any skin tone. And I, personally, think that it looks really Autumny. The only tiny flaw about this particular lipstick is that sometimes it’s a bit difficult to remove it. The colour is intense and since it’s waterproof, it takes a bit more time to get it off at the end of the day. This one costs 3 euros as well.

This next one was one of the first lipsticks I ever purchased and to this day I still love it and have purchased it a few times.
Essence, 04 in colour On the Catwalk!


The lipstick is in tone of colour red. Now this one is not like the ones before. It takes a few coats of it for colour to look intense. With one coat it looks like you’ve been wearing the lipstick for a few hours and drank several drinks. But if you apply a few coats of it then it looks really amazing but despite few coats, you don’t have a feeling like you have a lot applied on your lips. The big advantage of this brand is that you can get it in every drugstore (at least where I live you can) and it’s really cheap but good. Almost all colours come in shinny and mattifying shade, I chose the second option and the mattifying lipstick will cost you 2.5 euros.

The brand I already mentioned before as my favourite so it’s not surprising that I have more than one colour of lipstick that I love to wear in Autumn.
Rimmel, Lasting Finish by Kate number 105


Now this lipstick can be worn all year around and not just in Autumn. It’s pretty light brown colour. The colour is really light but at the same time it doesn’t take a lot of coats to look good. It has a matte finish and if you eat you won’t “eat” your lipstick as well but you won’t have a problem with removing it at the end of the day. Like I said, it’s a colour that can be worn at any time of the year, you can wear it in the Spring and Summer with all the pinks and nudes or in Winter and Autumn with earthly and dark colours. If you buy this lipstick, it will cost you 6.5 euros as well as the other one of this brand.

The last lipstick I think will be perfect for Autumn is a liquid one.
Maybelline, Vivid Matte Liquid by Color sensational number 45 in colour Possessed Plum


I won’t lie, I was sceptical to try a liquid lipstick, but this one blew my mind. It feels nothing like a lipgloss (which I was afraid off), it’s so light and since it’s a matte lipstick it has a really nice finishing touch to the colour. This one is a plum purple colour, which you can already see from the name. It smells really nice, like some candy, I didn’t try it so I don’t know if it tastes like a candy as well. One or two coats are enough to last a really long time and you won’t “eat” it. The only down side is that you have to be extra careful while applying it because it’s a bit harder to precisely apply it if you don’t line your lips before. Other than that it’s perfect. This one is the most expensive one of all and it will set you back 8 euros but it will be money well spent.

I love all of the lipsticks in my drawer but some are more seasonal than the others. I think that this ones are perfect for the months ahead and I will wear them every day, I will combine them with a brownish smokey eye look and a bit of blush since it will get cold outside and the blush will be natural from the cold.

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored or anything similar from any of the brands mentioned above.