Wattpad books

I absolutely love to read books,  electronic or paper ones, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that the book is well written and that it’s not boring. I don’t care about who wrote the book as long as I enjoy reading it. The author can be someone famous worldwide, someone who I never heard of before or someone who is not a proper writer and by proper writer I mean someone who doesn’t earn from their writing.

Now Wattpad is a great place to discover young people who simply enjoy writing stories and are sharing it with people who love to read. A lot of people think that Wattpad is yet another site/app where fans post their dirty fanfictions about actors, band members, singers, youtubers… I agree that there are a lot of fanficts on there, but not every book is a fanfict. I won’t lie, when I first downloaded the app, I did it so I can read fanficts about my favourite band members but I don’t regret downloading the app and opening an account because I discovered some great books, both fanficts and not.

Why would fanfict book be any worse than a book that’s not labeled a fanfict? If the writer of the book did a great job and the book is amazing, it really shouldn’t matter under which category you can find it. All the books that are not written about real life events are fiction so just because someone used a famous person’s name or appearance, doesn’t make the book any less valuable. Every writer, when creating their characters, has a person in mind, whose physical looks they use for the characters in their books. So if the story has nothing but someone’s name, it doesn’t really need to be considered a fanfiction because if you put random names instead, you get a book like any other.

Like I said, I love reading and there’s not a day that I don’t read something, I always have to have a book to read. Some of the best books that I’ve read were on Wattpad app and no, they weren’t even using some famous person’s name. There are few books in particular that were real page turners, neither of them had short chapters but once I started to read, I just couldn’t put my phone down until I finished the chapter. Some chapters had 100+ pages on my phone but they were never boring because author made sure that something was constantly happening and I love that.
Of course I read some fanficts as well and the ones labeled AU (alternative universe) only had characters with “famous” names in them. I really loved some of them because they were so well written that you forget that you’re reading a fanfict.
I’m out of my fanfict phase so I don’t even search that category while trying to find something new to read.

Sadly not every book there is well written but that’s fine because not everyone can be a good writer. Many people write books in English and not everyone is fluent in it, for most of them English is a second language so it’s normal that their grammar can’t be perfect. Even professional writers don’t have a perfect grammar, that’s why editors exist. Some books, may have rushed storylines but just because I didn’t like it, it doesn’t mean someone else won’t either.


You can read Wattpad books on the website or you can download an app like I did. The app is free and it doesn’t take up much of your memory. You can find it in App store if you have an iPhone or on Google Play if you have an Android.


Once you create your account, they ask you about your book preferences so that they can give you a few suggestions about books you might like reading.
After that you can go and search categories of books that you like and after reading a short description, you can add the book into your personal library or on your reading list.


To conclude the purpose of this post, if the book is good and you enjoy it, it doesn’t matter who wrote it and if it’s a proper published book, or simply posted on some site/app. They say “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.”, well I’m going to say, Don’t judge a book by the place where you found it.

I didn’t put any book names in this post because I don’t know if the writers would be comfortable with me mentioning their books. So if you want to read a good book, you can go to contact and send me a message, I will gladly tell you which books on Wattpad, I really loved.