Best (drugstore) lipsticks for Autumn

I went into my local drugstore called DM (Drogerie Markt) a couple of times and got some great lipsticks that I think are perfect colour for upcoming season – Autumn. Since this is a post about lipsticks¬†bought in a drugstore they’re really affordable for every pocket or wallet. Like I said these weren’t bought on only one occasion and some of them have been my … Continue reading Best (drugstore) lipsticks for Autumn

Visiting a Renaissance festival

RENAISSANCE FESTIVAL Last Saturday, my parents and I visited a Renaissance Festival in little Croatian city, Koprivnica. The entrance fee was symbolic and many people decided to visit. The line to purchase tickets was about 100 metres long but that didn’t kill the mood if anything it gave a feeling like you’re visiting on the day of the fair. I love that they used the … Continue reading Visiting a Renaissance festival